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Question - Does F/450 suggest anything to you?

If it doesn’t, a clue for all our ABI members reading this may be to have a quick look at your own membership number.

F/450 is the membership number of an ABI stalwart who this month can boast that he has been a member of our association continuously for the past 50 years.

Past President Richard David Jacques-Turner joined ABI in February 1969.

After working as an investigator for a finance company for 2 years Richard had planned to join his uncle who had been a Detective Chief Inspector and had left the Police to start his own agency “North Eastern Enquiry Agency”. However that didn’t last long as in 1961 his uncle went back into the Police Force.

That same year Richard started his own investigation agency, working alone from a tiny rented single room in an office building in Paragon Street, Hull. His only mode of transport at the time was a Mini which he would borrow from his mother when he had to run around serving papers for local solicitors.

In those early days divorce work made up a fair proportion of solicitor’s instructions and provided an essential skill learning period in covert surveillance. In fact surveillance became somewhat of a speciality for Richard’s company Paragon Investigations with the emergence of Personal Injury cases, fraud and employment theft investigations.

The company continued to grow and in the 1970’s Richard began to take on international assignments and in 1984 he obtained authority from the British Board of Trade to use the word “international” and the company became Paragon Investigations International.

After serving as a member of the Governing Council as International Liaison Officer, Richard was elected ABI President serving for the year 1995/1996.

The responsibility of a Presidential role was not altogether a new experience for Richard as he had previously served as President of WAD, the World Association of Detectives from 1989-1990 being installed with the chain of office at their annual conference at the Conrad Hotel & Casino, Gold Coast, Australia,

At that time Richard held the distinction of being the first ever British male to serve as President of WAD since its inception in 1921 and being only the second British person to hold that position, the first being ABI’s Zena Scott Archer.

The old adage “If you need a job doing well, ask a busy man” certainly rang true as far as Richard was concerned as he also held the position of Secretary General of IKD for 9 years, again being the first Brit to head that International organisation.

In 2000 Richard sold his business and gave up active investigation work, not to retire, but to take on the role of Executive Director of WAD assisted by his wife Maureen, a position they held for the next 5 years, again becoming the only non-American to ever hold that position.

Richard’s hard work and dedication to the private investigation and security industry has been well recognised with the presentation of many awards including: The ABI’s Frank Martin Award, The WAD’s Investigator of the Year and Norman J Sloan Memorial Awards.

It seems fitting that at the ABI Centenary celebrations in London in 2013 WAD presented ABI with an award which bears Richard’s name: The Richard Jacques-Turner Award for Excellence.

Richard’s long and meritorious career has taken him around the world and always by his side has been his supportive and loyal wife Maureen.

Now the President Emeritus of WAD, Life and Honorary member of all the industry organisations he belonged to Richard is still a regular attendee at ABI conferences where his opinions are well respected.

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