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The key professional body, the ABI publishes a selection of books and guides, to show you how professional investigators work and to make life easier for you once your career’s under way.

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Gavin Robertson & Andy Cook

A Practical Guide to private Investigation

By Gavin Robertson & Andy Cook (February 2014)

A fascinating insight to techniques and methods for investigation in the private sector

£17.00 inc P&P [UK Only] Buy now with PayPal
Sam Greer

Personal Injury Surveillance - The Definitive Guide

By Sam Greer (February 2019)

A unique insight into the insurance industry’s use of covert surveillance. Sam draws from over 20 years experience. A must-read and authoritative reference for honest claimants and their lawyers.

£24.99 inc P&P [UK Only] Buy now with PayPal
Brian Birt (Former ABI Member)

THE FORGOTTEN MURDER: Justice for Darren Francis Birt (Kindle edition)

By Brian Birt (Former ABI Member) (July 2018)

On the 28th of August 2002, Brian Birt lost his much-loved son, Darren, aged just 22. Some 16 years on, this book tells the harrowing story of his continuing fight for justice.

£3.76 inc P&P [UK Only] Buy now with PayPal
Nicci Ashby

The ABI Process Servers' Guide

By Nicci Ashby (September 2017)

This leading authority on the subject of Process Serving by Nicci Ashby is available at a discounted price to members and applicants for membership

£47.00 inc P&P [UK Only] Buy now with PayPal