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Saturday 27th April, 2024 | Author: Nicola Ashby [Member (F1742)] | Filed under: Awards

Frank Martin Award 2024

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The late Frank MARTIN was a long serving GC member, President in 1970, pioneer of innovative ideas, not least founder of the ABI Benevolent Fund and through his generosity, the person who placed the ABI in its position of financial strength that we all benefit from to this day.  It was therefore fitting for the ABI to create this Award in Frank’s name and memory, which is presented to a member who is considered to have served the Association above and beyond the call of duty.

Nominated by Nicci Ashby, the recipient of the award is Mitchell Black F/1646, a former governing council member and branch officer; pictured above with previous award recipient Dick Smith (IP Forensics (GB) Limited).

For the 2024 Frank Martin Award, I nominate a longtime member who the whole membership will instantly recognise as a colleague they can turn to for advice, assistance, and representation on matters they wish to bring to the GC’s attention or presented at branch meetings. Having sat with him on the GC for the last 2 terms, I know nothing is too much trouble for Mitchell, & his willingness to be a team player means he is always prepared to help the President, GC, and other members on any task

Mitchell first joined the ABI on 1st February 2010. He runs his business, Black Tracing & Investigation Services, based in Hertfordshire, but I am reliably informed his career started in the newspaper industry in Paris, followed by a few years in accounting, where he must have acquired the flavour for the investigation sector, which he first entered in 1993 and stuck to since.

Mitchell has served on the GC continuously since 2020, initially as the membership chairman and more recently as branch liaison. The latter role has been particularly testing while trying to reignite the membership support and camaraderie that waned following the pandemic side-effect, reducing members’ willingness to turn out for live branch meetings. Such meetings have traditionally played a core function in the ABI’s history, & Mitchell has pursued the task with enthusiasm and a noticeable degree of success. Mitchell is regularly on the phone to members, encouraging them to become more involved in the ABI, attending social functions, and he is a friendly and approachable character whom the membership holds in high regard. 

For this reason, I feel Mitchell’s commitment to the wellbeing of the ABI should be recognised. 

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