Full Membership

If you are over the age of 18, UK based and have over 2 years’ experience as an investigator in the private sector, you can apply for this category. Note: There is a Fast Track route into this category if you have been an investigator for 5 years or more (at least 2 years in the private sector).  Click here for criteria. The requisite application form will be emailed to you automatically after payment of the application fee AND MUST BE SUBMITTED DULY COMPLETED WITHIN 3 MONTHS.

Applicants will require:

  • To provide a criminal conviction certificate no older than 12 months, see Policy Statement, click here
  • Prior to membership take out professional indemnity insurance at the minimum cover
  • To be notified with the Information Commissioner's Office, with private investigation as a purpose
  • To be free of unsatisfied monetary judgments or other insolvency
  • To provide two professional and/or character referees
  • To prove their address and identity
  • To be interviewed informally by the ABI membership panel (part of ABI quality control)