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ABI Academy Workshop

Our team of ABI approved trainers and industry experts offer you a varied programme of essential learning for professionals that aim to be successful professional investigators whether in the private or public sector.

The range of learning opportunities is refreshed regularly. We will not stand still.

In this workshop the ABI Academy will cover:

Process Serving

Some people will foolishly describe a Process Server as a glorified courier.

Anybody that enters the profession with that idea is heading for trouble.

Process Servers play a vital, yet often understated, role in the judicial system. They keep the wheels of justice turning by locating respondents and serving documents upon them. Easy?

There are several different types of documents to understand; several different procedures according to jurisdiction, types of proceedings, types of respondent, different courts, precedents and time scales.

This course will guide you through the differences in documents, point out the classic mistakes and defences and arm you with sufficient information to enable you to be an effective process server or perhaps confirm that you are one already?

At the conclusion of the course, you will have learnt about the legal requirements, effective service, the Data Protection Act and how it applies to process serving, Health and Safety considerations, receiving instructions from clients and how to prepare affidavits, certificates and statements.

A copy of the Process Servers Guide is included in the booking fee.


£399.00 including the Process Servers' Guide (PSG).  £349.00 if you already have a copy of the PSG.
Discounted rate for ABI members and applicants for membership £349.00 including PSG or £299.00 if you already have a copy of the PSG (ask Secretariat for discount code).

Trainer: Will Clayton Tel: 0203 006 2689

The Process Serving Course

This online course will help you avoid all mistakes and turn you into a professional process server.

There are 21+ lessons – some delivered through the online portal, some by videos and many online assessments and tests to check your learning as you progress. The lessons include topics on:-

  • The role of the process server
  • Receiving client instructions
  • Personal Service
  • What is effective service?
  • Substituted service
  • Serving by appointment
  • Templates
  • Affidavits
  • Statements / Certificates of Service
  • Handling difficult clients
  • Pricing work
  • Networking
  • Marketing for process servers
  • Legals and the Data Protection Act
  • Invoicing and debt management / bad payees

The online process serving course contains everything you need to be a successful process server.