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Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations (Advanced)

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Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations (Advanced)
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About Summis Global
Summis Global is a leading specialist risk management and intelligence company, dedicated to providing government level services to government, corporate, and private clients.
Our mission is to deliver innovative, world-class security training, assurance, and risk mitigation. Our clients range from the UK and foreign governments, specialist military units, and law enforcement agencies, through to mature commercial organisations and private portfolios.
We have built a transformational range of capabilities based on our highly successful careers at the vanguard of UK defence and national security.
Our Training Courses
As with all of our courses, the instructional team is made up purely of ex-UKSF and British Security Services surveillance instructors, so you can be confident of the highest level of instruction and the best possible training experience.

Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations (Advanced) - £3,700.00 (ex. VAT)*
Qualification Number: 610/3305/4
Summis Global is pleased to offer the 11-day SFJ Awards Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations (Advanced). This extensive course is designed to nurture and recognise your surveillance expertise. It caters to both surveillance novices and seasoned professionals looking for a recognised qualification or engaging in continuing professional development.
Our course extensively covers surveillance techniques used for monitoring behaviour, activities, and information changes, primarily for intelligence gathering, investigation, or enforcement activities. It’s ideal for those in the private investigation sector or military individuals preparing for civilian life.
Through Mandatory Group A, you’ll grasp the principles of different types of surveillance, including log keeping, third-party awareness, radio communication, managing dynamic changes, planning, debriefing, legal issues, and the use of cameras and videos in mobile, foot, and static surveillance.
Mandatory Group B extends your learning to further aspects of mobile, foot, and static surveillance, public transport, health and safety risk assessments, and leadership skills development.
Optional Group C provides the flexibility to choose from a range of units most relevant to you, including digital photography, video editing, open-source intelligence, and technical surveillance methods.

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