Tracing & Status Reports

A discreet, professional and human approach

Tracing people for whatever reason can be exhausting, often leading down dozens of blind alleys. That feeling of running out of options can get you down. But, it’s vital to be persistent. And, since you’re dealing with people in stressful situations, tact and diplomacy count for a lot.

That’s why you need a specialist investigator on the case. But in an unlicensed industry, finding someone you can rely on can be tough.

Our Members Database gives you access to a wealth of trained professionals, many with specialist experience in tracing and status reports.

We’ve done the hard work for you. They’re vetted, trained and interviewed. They all share a strict code of ethics.

And all are subject to independent disciplinary procedures. There’s no room for error. Your ABI tracing investigator will act professionally and ethically and within the bounds of all relevant legislation.

Our tracing and status reports investigators:

  • Are time-served professionals
  • Undergo continuing professional development
  • Can quickly grasp the details of each assignment
  • Take a discreet, professional approach to their work
  • Can be contacted 24/7

Members undertake activities such as:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Background Enquires and Vetting
  • Beneficiaries
  • Debtor Tracing
  • Due Diligence
  • Family History
  • Pre-sue Enquiries
  • Witnesses

Find your tracing and status reports investigator in our Members Database.

You only outsource services only when they are satisfied that the provider has taken all appropriate steps to ensure that clients' confidential information will be protected.
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• IB (4.3)