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WhatsApp job scam message

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Monday 4th March, 2024 | Author: Eric Shelmerdine [Life Member (L/0815)] | Filed under: General news

The BBC article describes how an 18-year-old named student fell victim to a recruitment scam via WhatsApp, resulting in the theft of £3,000. The scammers tricked the victim into revealing their card details under the guise of a job interview, ultimately making fraudulent payments. The City of London Police reported a significant increase in stolen money via recruitment scam messages, highlighting the sophistication of these scams. It was emphasised that recruitment scams are high-volume crimes that can result in the theft of valuable data. In this report case the victim’s bank refused to refund them, leading them to challenge the decision with the Financial Ombudsman Service. The victim, now working more hours to recover the stolen money, described the experience as a wake-up call. The article underscores the need for a comprehensive response from various stakeholders to combat fraud effectively.