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Nominations open for Zena Scott Archer, Investigator of the Year Award 2024

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Sunday 1st January, 2023 | Author: Secretariat | Filed under: Awards

A.B.I. - Zena Scott Archer, Investigator of the Year Award 2024

All Award nominations to be received by the Awards Chair no later than Friday 8th March 2024. Email  

Please CLICK HERE to download the nomination rules.

Introduction and Overview

Nomination for the Investigator of the Year Award is open to Full, active Life and Overseas Members and any such member can be nominated.

The nomination should contain an explanation of why the nominee is worthy of the Award.

Please CLICK HERE to download the nomination form.

Click here to view details of the Quality Control Panel.

This prestigious Award was donated by the late Zena Scott-Archer and is presented to an A.B.I. member who has demonstrated outstanding professional investigative skills in carrying out a commendable investigation.
Please note that a member may now nominate themselves for this Award as long as the relevant criteria are satisfied, as follows:

A nomination for Investigator of the Year should include details of the investigation and be supported by investigation-specific material such as:

1. Testimonial(s) from a client.

2. Testimonial(s) from a third-party investigator(s) who has been involved in the nominated investigation.

3. Independent sources such as newspaper articles, court records, police officers, or other verifiable independent sources.

Taking part in the award process can have a significant, positive impact on members’ careers. Click here to learn more from past winners.