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Matrimonial Finances Investigation

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Thursday 27th July, 2023 | Author: Secretariat | Filed under: Good practice policies

Matrimonial finances investigation typically refers to the process of investigating the financial affairs of a couple who are either getting divorced, separated, or going through some other form of legal dispute over their finances.

The purpose of the investigation is to gather information about the couple's assets, income, debts, and financial history, so that a fair and equitable settlement can be reached.

Matrimonial finances investigations may be conducted by lawyers, forensic accountants, or professional investigators hired by one or both parties.

They may involve a range of activities, including reviewing financial documents such as bank statements, tax returns, and investment portfolios, conducting interviews with the couple and other relevant parties, and tracing the flow of money between accounts.

The investigation may also involve the use of specialised tools and techniques, such as computer forensics and forensic accounting, to uncover hidden assets or financial irregularities.

The information gathered during the investigation can be used to negotiate a settlement or to present evidence in court if the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation.

Matrimonial finances investigations can be complex and time-consuming, and may involve a range of financial and legal issues, such as property division, spousal support, child support, and tax implications.
The investigation may also uncover evidence of financial misconduct, such as fraud, hidden assets, or unreported income, which can have significant legal and financial consequences for the parties involved.

Forensic accountants are often involved in matrimonial finances investigations, as they are trained to analyse financial records and transactions to identify irregularities or discrepancies. They may also provide expert evidence in court to help clarify complex financial issues and to support claims made by one or both parties.

In some cases, the investigation may require the involvement of other professionals, such as real estate valuers, business valuation experts, or tax specialists, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the couple's financial situation.

It is important to note that matrimonial finances investigations should be conducted in accordance with legal and ethical standards, and that any evidence gathered must be admissible in court. Parties involved in the investigation should also be aware of their legal rights and obligations, and consult with a solicitor to ensure that their interests are protected throughout the process.

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