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Blue Light Consultants t/a High Tech Investigations & Training (F2053)

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Name: Blue Light Consultants t/a High-Tech Investigations & Training
Landline: 0151 329 2101
Mobile: 07721 999 101
Join date: January 2018
Membership number: F2053


Blue Light Consultants Ltd
54 St James Street
United Kingdom
L1 0AB
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Services offered:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Specialist & forensic services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ("UAV" - drone assisted surveillance)
  • Open source intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Cyber crime / computer misuse
High Tech Investigations interrogate any Digital Media for evidence to corroborate or refute an allegation or solely for the purposes of Data Recovery either for personal use or to preserve the Digital Crime Scene for analysis at some future time. Digital Forensic Investigations conducted by former UK Police trained Officers and proficient in gathering evidence from any Digital Media for expert witness testimony for Internal investigations or before the Civil or Criminal Courts. Devices include Computers, External Hard Disk Drives or any portable storage device such as USB, SD or Optical Discs and can include a much broader range of devices including SatNavs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, UAV's (Drones) to name a few. Evidence can be obtained from deleted or system files, event logs and the numerous Applications (Apps) that are used on the device. Such evidence can include incriminating files/data, Geo-Location data or how and by whom a system/device was used. We are also proficient in gathering Evidence from the Internet, Deep Web & Darknet - also known as Open Source Intelligence Investigations. This service can be provided as a stand alone Investigation or in conjunction with a Digital Device investigation. Contact us for a free initial consultation.
Our training courses are Investigator focused and are suitable for those with no previous experience or wish to enhance their current skills. All courses can be adapted to suit the individuals or organisations needs. Starting with our 'Investigators Foundation' Course which serves as a standalone or pre-requisite for our Digital Crime Scene training. Designed for all types of investigators, whether personnel assigned to an internal investigation or to those wishing to develop a bedrock of skills, topics covered include; what is evidence? how do we gather & retain it? Lawful methods, Communication Skills, Witness statements, Interviews and Exhibit Handling as just some of the topics covered in this 1 day course with a number of 'Bolt-On' options for deeper learning. 'Digital Crime Scene for 1st Responders' is an ideal compliment to the Investigator Foundation training or as a stand alone. Designed to widen your skill base of investigations, this course provides the knowledge necessary to consult with clients with due consideration for Digital based evidence. We also provide you with the ability to perform device recovery and handling of evidence working within a legal framework. There is an optional 'Bolt-On' to this training allowing those slightly technically minded to recover data in a forensically sound manner. Having learned about evidence gathering techniques we then offer 3 x Modules on techniques to gather Internet based evidence whilst sat at your Computer. M1 offers a day course for basic learning. M2 offers a more advanced level and M3 for those wishing to seek evidence from the Darknet. More information is on our website or contact us for further information and syllabus.