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Strong Investigations (F2020)

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Name: Clive Strong
Landline: 07787352765
Join date: March 2017
Membership number: F2020


United Kingdom
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Services offered:

  • General investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing
  • Asset tracing
Loss Prevention Management • Senior Corporate and Private Investigations • Security Management & Optimisation • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) • Strategic & Tactical Planning • Infrastructure Building • Best Practices • Asset Protection • Audit Management • Risk & Vulnerability Assessments • Fraud Discovery • UK Bribery Act • Intelligence Analysis • Legislative & Corporate Compliance • Business Continuity & Improvements • Supply Chains • National & Expat Leadership • Team Building • Training & Development • Traditional & Covert Operations • Cost/Benefit Analysis • Emergency Response • Crisis Management • Media Strategies
Clive Strong of Strong Investigations is a recognised expert in leading crime-fighting in international realms, in harsh terrains, and in corporate settings. Specialising in loss prevention, corporate and private investigations, and covert operations. With a history spanning from uncovering the illegal activities of individuals to dismantling major criminal organisations and networks, he ensures no stone is left unturned through a comprehensive approach combining strategic and tactical, reactive and proactive, and traditional and covert methods. Maintaining up-to-date on the very latest threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, as well as current legislation, Clive Strong creates powerful infrastructures and processes to prevent and deter criminal acts, quickly detect overt and latent illegal activity, and halt incidents before they escalate into time- and cost-consuming crises.