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Deceptio Consulting (F2140)

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Name: Deceptio Consulting
Landline: 07585448201
Mobile: 07585448201
Join date: September 2020
Membership number: F2140


Unit 15806,
PO Box 6945
Central London
United Kingdom
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Services offered:

  • Specialist & forensic services
  • Open source intelligence
Whether you’re an institutional investor, venture capital firm, private equity firm, human resources professional, legal or insurance firm, no profit organisation or small business owner, credibility is crucial. In the age of the trust economy, being credible has become everything. Deceptio Consulting® brings extensive experience and professionalism in detecting deception and assessing credibility using the latest scientific based methodologies. Deceptio Consulting 's proprietary Strategic Behaviour Assessment® (SBA) method is derived from the latest science on neuropsychoanalysis, forensic interviewing, applied behavioural analysis of verbal, non-verbal & emotional responses and discourse and statement analysis. The Strategic Behaviour Assessment® (SBA) measures completeness, confidence and accuracy to determine how much risk is in communications and could be powerfully applied to public, private and no profit sectors.
Deceptio Consulting® is managed by Dr. Alberto Testa. As an applied criminologist & researcher, Alberto Testa is an internationally reknown far-right expert. Alberto is an expert in Applied Behaviour Analysis, a certified forensic interviewer (CFI-CISA, USA); a full member of the Association of British Investigators and a Registered Security Consultant (ASC-RISC). Leveraging 20 years of Behavioural study and research , facts gathering interviewing, discourse and statement data analysis and social research methodology, Alberto combines state-of-the-art behavioural science with real world practical experience to provide unique consultancy and training in the fields of verbal and nonverbal behaviour, deception and credibility assessment and forensic interviewing.