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Bryan Lecoche Limted (F1789)

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Name: Bryan Lecoche
Landline: 01234 824570
Mobile: 07803 402160
Join date: January 2015
Membership number: F1789


61-63 St Peters Street
United Kingdom
MK40 2PR
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Services offered:

  • General investigations
  • Process serving
  • Surveillance
  • Tracing & status reports
The Team - Our sector leading, highly experienced and talented team will provide quick, professional, cost effective and bespoke solutions to any problems within our specialisms encompassing investigations, process serving, bailiffs and enforcement, including High Court Enforcement (in conjunction with High Court Enforcement Group). They are dedicated to our clients and our work, and our operational and backroom staff are selected for their wide ranging capabilities with many of them having police backgrounds. The business is a safe pair of hands and has become the go-to organization which is able to interpret and understand the legislation which crosses our path with both the practical and theoretical knowledge of it. Our Clients - They are as diverse as our work and from the both the public and private sectors and include Local Authorities, Solicitors, Land and Property Owners and their Managing Agents, Supermarkets, Leisure Companies, Sports Stadia, Cinema and Hotel Chains, Charitable Organizations, Public Utilities, and Crown Properties, etc. We are regarded as a business which can be relied upon to deliver results in a timely, which is usually urgent, and effective way.
Although we are highly regarded by clients for our enforcement work involving land and property, particularly dealing with travellers, we are by no means a one trick pony. Bryan Lecoche has been involved in the industry for over forty years which has provided him with the experience, knowledge and expertise to deal with any industry associated work, and before then he was a police drug squad (not exactly the swinging sixties, but almost) and then a CID Officer, before becoming disaffected with police life. He joined the now deceased Bryan Constant as an Investigator, transforming a one man band into a two man band operation and he grew that business and eventually ran it for many years before starting his own business in 2012. His swan song at Constants was in 2011 when he helped plan and then lead the successful and much publicised enforcement operation at Dale Farm in Basildon for the Council with whom we still have a working relationship. Our business has grown into something quite substantial in the intervening years, partly due to an inability to say 'no', and also due to the quality of the service we deliver and the capabilities of those individuals who have helped us in our continuing journey. Now 'getting on a bit', Bryan is still putting in a decent shift every day but since 2018 Lecoche junior, Richard, has been moving into the driving seat and taking the business forward. It is quite different to the wine trade he was in for twenty-six years since leaving university, but he definitely has the hang of it and he is another hard working, reliable and knowledgeable pair of hands