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ESA Risk (F1051)

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Name: Michael I Wright
Join date: December 1991
Membership number: F1051


49 51 Bedford Row
Greater London
United Kingdom
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Services offered:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Specialist & forensic services
ESA Risk is a consultancy providing business advisory, risk management and investigation solutions to, both domestic and international commercial and private clients. Investigations Our Investigators provide support to clients within leading law firms, financial institutions and organisations on complex multi-jurisdictional matters, including litigation, fraud, asset recovery, arbitration and corporate. Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management is a holistic view of risk. We work with senior board members and management evaluating your entire organisation identifying compliance, financial, operational, reputational and strategic risks. In times of crisis, organisations need to be in a position to respond to incidents quickly and more importantly with a well defined strategy. It is far better to manage risk before, not during or after an issue. Whether it is a Fraud or a regulatory breach, being prepared is vital. Forensic Accounting Our team of Forensic Accountants provide support to clients faced with complex financial situations and helps them to reach a positive resolution. We are experts and, as such, we deliver clear, robust and independent advice in legal disputes. Digital Forensics The digital revolution has transformed how we live and work and, as such, digital information is now crucial in our lives. As the reliance on such information has increased exponentially, so has the digital risk to the people within the organisations who are reliant upon it. Our electronic advisory team help such organisations manage those risks, before, during and/or after an event.
Mike is a Consultant and founder of ESA Risk and is responsible for delivering a comprehensive portfolio of Risk Management, Technology, and Forensic Investigative services. Mike began his private sector career by leading the Litigation Support and Investigation team at the North West based firm Ellison & Gough. Shortly thereafter, he established the nationwide practice, GHW Corporate, specialising in consulting and investigations. Mike sold this company to Begbies Traynor Group plc in 2006 and became a Partner of BTG Intelligence and BGN Risk and more recently BTG Global Risk Partners. More recently Mike was an equity Partner in Quantuma LLP where he helped build their Investigation, Forensic and Digital Forensic team. The business became a leading consultancy for lawyers and multi-national companies covering all aspects of insolvency, restructuring risk mitigation and investigations for numerous blue chip clients and high net worth individuals. The company was sold in July 2021, the acquiring company was K3 Capital Ltd (listed on the UK stock market). Mike has 30 years’ experience in business advisory, risk management and investigations - prior to this Mike also served 7 years with HM Forces, working in a wide cross section of disciplines, including the anti-terrorism specialist electronics and avionics research & development unit. If you wrote an autobiography of your life what would the title be? Arte et Marte - By Skill and by Fighting! Specialities: Solving difficult problems for clients- Risk Management, Forensic Technology, Corporate Fraud Investigations, Global Business Intelligence.