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Name: Paul Slowey
Landline: 0207 3700027
Mobile: 07931 538823
Join date: February 2016
Membership number: F1746


Chantry House
22 Upperton Road
United Kingdom
BN21 1BF
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Services offered:

  • General investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover investigations
The NFA estimates fraud costs the UK around £38.4 billion a year. Fraud against the public sector accounts for 55% of all fraud loss, with estimated losses of £21.2 billion for the public sector. Imagine what that money could be used for! A new hospital is £100m- just halving public sector fraud could pay for 100 new hospitals in one year. BBFI lead the UK in Local Government and Housing Association related fraud investigation. BBFI are the go to public sector investigators. We are the leaders in the investigation of right to buy fraud, tenancy fraud and Blue Badge fraud investigation and case preparation, working to provide specialist skills to local government and housing associations to ensure the public purse is protected from fraudsters and that social resources from social housing to disabled parking and public services are available to those truly in need and entitled to them. BBFI carry out a mixture of civil and criminal investigations and prepare in the region of 700 cases a year for court.
Paul Slowey leads BBFI and states that "Social housing is a national asset like on street parking bays. They are owned by all of us. If fraudsters sublet property we all end up paying to house people in temporary accommodation. If people use fake blue badges to park for free we all lose out." The same can be applied to public sector procurement fraud and business rates fraud. BBFI win over 99% of cases. This involves having a detailed understanding of the specialist legislation, not just the Fraud Acts and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act but the Local Government Acts, Housing Acts, Data Protection acts, Human Rights Act, the Regulation of Investigation Acts etc etc. With our sector expertise we have carried out a number of complex undercover investigations alongside or independently to corporate fraud teams into office and depot staff and Councillors. We have specialist surveillance and litigation support skills and resources