Vehicle Investigations

Investigations Involving Vehicles

Professional vehicle Examination and official DVLA data access.

In this day of ultra fast communications and travel, vehicles of some kind will invariably play a part in crime or other incidents. There are many legal and ethical reasons for carrying out an investigation involving vehicles, such as

  • Fail to Stop and Report Collisions
  • Professional Vehicle Examinations
  • Staged or Contrived Collisions
  • Vehicles Abandoned on Private Property
  • Vehicle Arson or Damage
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Vehicle Thefts and Cloning
  • Vehicle Tracing

Supporting police investigations, or to gather evidence of some kind. Whatever your reason, you’ll want to get to the truth quickly – with the help of someone who’s reliable, experienced and fully vetted.

The ABI has been self regulating the world of private sector investigation in the U.K. for over a century now.

You can be confident that our members are experienced, trained and ethical. They’re a sound choice for your investigation.

We’re also the only industry body granted a memorandum of understanding by the DVLA which allows membership access (under strict rules) to DVLA keeper records. 

Find your vehicle investigator in our Members Database.

It is vital we have proper regulation of private investigators to ensure rigorous standards in this sector and the respect of individuals’ rights to privacy"
Theresa May
July 2013