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ABI UK GDPR Good Practice Workshop

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Course provided by The ABI Secretariat Limited

UK General Data Protection Regulation


This ABI workshop, which starts at 10:00 and concludes at 15:30 hours, focuses on the key issues in the investigation and litigation support service sectors and explains, demonstrates, and puts into practice the requirements in the following UK GDPR topics:

  1. Roles and responsibilities [controller or processor?]
  2. The seven data protection principles
  3. Lawful bases
  4. Data protection impact assessment
  5. The legitimate interest assessment

This workshop is based on the requirements of the ABI proposed UK GDPR Code of Conduct, which the ABI is developing with the ICO. 

£77.71 (inc.) ABI members

£129.05 (inc.) non-members

Pending applicants: Ticket included in ABI membership application fee

The workshop concludes with a 30-minute assessment and debrief on the results. The assessment is set at a level achievable by the attendees.


Provisions in the UK GDPR have a direct bearing on the work of investigators. It is not a simple regulation to comprehend. Due to a lack of understanding of what is necessary to be compliant and a lot of misinformation, the privacy law brings hazards to the sector.

Since prevention is always preferable, the ICO and ABI have been collaborating on the development of a sector-specific and comprehensive Code of Conduct, which will serve as a good practice guide. It has taken more than four years to complete, and the project is in its final stages, awaiting ICO approval.