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Jarvie Khan Investigations (F2221)

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Name: Jarvie Khan Investigations
Landline: 07916169120
Mobile: 07916 169120
Join date: February 2023
Membership number: F2221


PO Box POB2142481
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Services offered:

  • General investigations
  • Process serving
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover investigations
  • Interviewing
  • Test Purchasing
Jarvie-Khan Investigations provides seasoned professionals with collectively more than 40 years of experience in the Police and Private Investigation industry and has made significant contributions to several high-profile cold case murder investigations. Jarvie-Khan Investigations specialises in general investigations, process serving
Jen Jarvie, specialising in medico-legal investigation, forensic medicine, and crime scene analysis, Jen utilises her robust academic background to enhance the depth of her work. Jarvie-Khan Investigations expertise has been showcased in various mediums, including documentaries, podcasts, and radio appearances, where she shares insights and knowledge derived from her extensive experience. Jen Jarvie's dedication and unwavering commitment to justice were recognized in 2022 when she was honoured with the Zena Scott-Archer Investigator of the Year award. This prestigious accolade acknowledges Jen's relentless efforts, particularly in her work on the Ann Heron murder case. Jaz Khan, with an illustrious career spanning 30 years in law enforcement, retired as a Detective Superintendent. Jaz Khan's extensive experience includes serving as an Accredited Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), where he took charge of Major Crimes and Serious Organised Crime investigations, encompassing cases such as murder, manslaughter, and rape. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge as a former Senior Detective, Jaz offers invaluable support to clients and families navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system, including insights into the intricacies of the Coroner's Court. Jaz's exemplary service has been recognized with several Judge's Commendations and a Coroner's Commendation. Jarvie-Khan Investigations provides business support through teambuilding experiences to foster better team cohesion. Jarvie-Khan Investigations have multifaceted contributions, underscoring a commitment to both the practical and educational facets of criminal investigation and justice.