Commercial genealogists in the UK are professionals who specialise in researching family histories for clients. They use a variety of sources to trace ancestral roots and build family trees, including census records, birth, marriage, and death records, wills, and probate records, as well as more specialized sources like military service records, passenger lists, and newspaper archives.
The demand for commercial genealogists has grown in recent years, fuelled in part by the popularity of genealogy TV shows and online genealogy resources.
Many people are interested in learning more about their family history and hiring a professional genealogist can be a way to get more in-depth research done than they are able to do themselves.
There are a number of different types of commercial genealogists in the UK, from individual freelance researchers to larger firms with multiple researchers on staff.
Some genealogists specialise in particular regions or time periods, while others have expertise in specific types of records or research methods.
One of the advantages of hiring a commercial genealogist is their ability to access and interpret records that may be difficult for the average person to find or understand.
Professional genealogists are also trained to analyse and interpret the information they find, making connections and conclusions that may not be immediately obvious to others.