Electronic Counter Measures (debugging)

ELECTRONIC COUNTER MEASURES (ECM) (debugging).  Just about anybody can be the target of so called bugging or covert eavesdropping, some people are at greater risk than others for a number of reasons mainly because of their work, legal reasons [civil and criminal] and their domestic situation i.e. cheating partner or imminent divorce and settlement.

On the Internet, the High Street, mail order catalogues, or the West End of London etc. there are a myriad of companies selling bugging devices of many types and quality, it is unwise to put your faith in these.

ECS (Bug Sweeps) are regularly carried out for Major Law Firms, Banking Institutions, Premier League Football Clubs, other businesses and private homes.

It is essential that a qualified engineer is used, who will carry out a full electronic sweep of the building, using hand held wands for near field examinations of the respective rooms / offices and very importantly a finger-tip search examining power supplies, thus when an ECS search completed the engineer can tell you if there is anything there.

Each individual room receives a full physical search AND an Electronic sweep by the experienced operative.

High quality and low quality devices are detected by the Countermeasures Engineer with the right equipment

Any device detected throughout the whole of the sweep, active or inactive, will be reported to a nominated senior person immediately and further instruction sought before removal.

The operation is then followed up by a detailed report.

Through the membership of the ABI we have such experts who can help or can introduce their services to you.