Zena Scott Archer - Investigator of the Year Award

Investigator of the Year Award

This prestigious Award was donated by the late Zena Scott-Archer and is presented to an A.B.I. member who has demonstrated outstanding professional investigative skills in carrying out a commendable investigation.

Please note a member may now nominate him or herself for this Award as long as the relevant criteria are satisfied, as follows:

A nomination for the Investigator of the Year should include details of the investigation and be supported by investigation specific material such as:

1. Testimonial(s) from a client.

2. Testimonial(s) from a third-party investigator(s) who have been involved in the nominated investigation.

3. Independent sources such as newspaper articles, Court records, police officers or other verifiable independent sources.

Nominations will not be accepted unless supported by at least one of the above and can be supported by all 3 categories, if available.

During the selection process the Awards panel will confirm that the investigation has sufficient gravitas to be considered worthy of this prestigious Award.

It's appreciated that in some cases the nomination may need to be sanitised.

A client wouldn't be contacted during the verification process without the nominee’s permission.

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