Simplify Online Evidence Collection with WebPreserver

WebPreserver streamlines online evidence capture. The solution is delivered through a Chrome extension that installs on your toolbar and an intuitive dashboard for file management. All preservations are stored to your own computer or server. To initiate a preservation, simply browse to a particular webpage or social post, select preservation options using the plugin menu, and hit save.

Webpreserver automates many of the labour-intensive tasks of online evidence collection. With this innovative tool, investigators can:

Collect social media and website evidence with two simple clicks
Let WebPreserver automatically scroll through timelines and expand comments
Use bulk-capture features to collect entire websites and social media accounts
Provide OCR PDF output for eDisclosure / eDiscovery systems
Quickly collect and authenticate videos from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram
Generate MHTML and WARC files to provide forensic ready evidence
Complete control over the chain of custody

Watch the walkthrough video below to see WebPreserver in action:

The ABI’s Tony Imossi also conducted a review of the product. You can download a PDF copy of the review by clicking here.

The ABI has partnered with Pagefreezer (the software company behind this tool) to provide WebPreserver to members at a reduced rate—Association of British Investigators members enjoy a 12% discount. To take advantage of this offer, simply click the link below, which will redirect you to the Pagefreezer website.

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