Surveillance Theory - on-line learning

Date: Saturday 10th October, 2020 - Venue: , on-line

Our team of ABI approved trainers and industry experts offer you a varied programme of essential learning for professionals that aim to be successful professional investigators whether in the private or public sector.

The range of learning opportunities is refreshed regularly. We will not stand still.

In this workshop, exclusively priced for ABI members and applicants for membership, at £200 plus VAT (an ABI exclusive discount of £100 + VAT) the ABI Academy trainer, Titan Training Academy will cover:

The Surveillance Theory (on-line)

A training course delivered on the trainer's on-line secure E-Portal.

The on-line course consists of 17 modules allowing the learner to watch each module as many times as they wish in the comfort of their home / office before completing the online assessment workbook at the completion of each module.

The on-line workbook is designed to confirm that the learner has fully understood and digested each module before moving onto the next. The workbook can be saved to the learner’s desktop, enabling them to revisit and refresh their knowledge at a later date to prevent ‘skill fade’.

The 17 surveillance modules covered on the on-line Surveillance Course are as follows;

1. Surveillance Law
2. Principles of Surveillance
3. Radio & Mobile Communications
4. Cover Stories
5. Subject Identification
6. Footwork
7. Public Transport
8. Anti-Surveillance
9. Mobile Surveillance
10. Motorcycle Surveillance
11. Stop & Plot
12. Plotting Car Parks
13. Evidential Footage
14. Loss Procedures
15. Motorway
16. Static Observation Posts
17. Evidential Logs

For the learner to complete the IQ Level 4 in Covert Surveillance Operations qualification they will need to attend a 3-day practical course to demonstrate that they have understood the theory aspects of surveillance and can put the theoretical elements into practice.

During the practical phase the learner will receive continued instruction and assessment.

The practical 3-day course is £500+VAT and subject to COVID-19 sanctions lifting, courses will be held at the Academy trainer's Nottingham City Centre training facility.  The following dates are currently available:

• Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th September 2020
• Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th October 2020
• Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th November 2020
• Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th December 2020

About the ABI Academy trainer, Titan :

Titan is a reputable brand within the investigation industry, which has been built up over a number of years.

Titan are not solely a training provider; they are primarily an operational surveillance company and commenced as a training provider in 2017 so well placed to meet operational demand.

The trainers are all former Police and Military surveillance instructors and operatives with a combined government service of 131 years. That’s a lot of experience to pass on to learners.

The course also provides a formal student aftercare programme, “GROW”. This is where learners are supported after the course and further developed whilst earning.