Open Source Intelligence (OSINT 4-day course) - Investigation Training

Date: Tuesday 31st March, 2020 - Venue: , E15 2NE

4 Day Course: Effective methods for using Social Media and the Internet as investigative tools. Signposting numerous free resources.

Our team of ABI approved trainers and industry experts offer you a varied programme of essential learning for professionals that aim to be successful professional investigators whether in the private or public sector.
The range of learning opportunities is refreshed regularly. We will not stand still.
In this workshop the ABI Academy will cover:

Open Source Intelligence

We live in the world of the Internet, which is an endless, mine of information.
A huge iceberg that virtually everybody only sees the tip of.
An investigator is better than that. He understands that the Internet is a doorway to the answers he is looking for, they are in there somewhere most of the time.
The workshop will open your eyes to new search techniques and resources that you were previously unaware of.
The fog will clear, and you will see the Internet in a completely new light.
Expert investigators know how to reach the wealth of information that the internet provides access to and this workshop will show you how to approach internet research in a structured, systematic manner to save you time and to maximise results.
An absolute must in today’s digital world.
The use of the internet as an investigation tool is not new but there is far more to this collection method than a Google search. Open Source investigators need guidance and skills to safely conduct such enquiries so that all legal aspects are adhered to, client confidentiality is maintained, and privacy is not breached.

Course Content.
Theoretical lessons followed by practical tracing sessions, you will carry out hands on research, the subjects covered include:

• Overview of today’s digital world, including what digital devices are capable of, such as geo-location, metadata, digital images etc and how they can leave a digital footprint
• Methods for recording & capturing data within an investigation
• Use of browsers and their purpose & use in open source investigations, including use of add-ons, plug-ins, bookmarks etc
• Exploration of basic & advanced techniques in the use of search engines
• Software tools for open source social media investigations
• Methods for investigating the main social media sites and social media apps
• Drilling down into Facebook and Twitter
• Safety & security - how to protect our identities whilst investigating online sources
• Ethics, safety, privacy and operational issues which may arise when undertaking online investigations
• Security and open source information
• Digital photographs within an investigation
• Use of usernames, email addresses and phone numbers within investigations
• Digital profiling, workflows and connecting intelligence artefacts within investigations
• Government-shared open source data and consented data
• Breached databases within investigations
• Websites & domains
• Linking individuals to home addresses

Day 1 - 9:30am - 4:30pm (45 minute lunch break)
Day 2 - 9:00am - 4:30pm (45 minute lunch break)
Day 3 – 9:00am – 4:30pm (45 minute lunch break)
Day 4 – 9:00am – 3:30pm (45 minute lunch break)

What to bring with you:
It is preferred that students bring their own laptop capable of access to the internet over WiFi, the course content will allow the student to prepare this laptop for investigative work post course.

For those without a laptop one can be provided for the duration of the course.

A handout with numerous free resource links will be supplied.

Students will be expected to set up three online accounts prior to attendance, guidance will be provided pre course

Trainer: Tony Martinez, Digital Valour Ltd

A former officer of the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, he was a member of a section recognised within law enforcement as a centre of excellence in this field of covert work, gaining a wealth of experience managing some of the most complex cybercrime investigations. Tony carries out open source and dark web investigations on behalf of some large and well known organisations, and within the many criminal forums that exist, helping protect them, their brands, trademarks, intellectual property and customers from the continued growth in cyber-enabled crimes. He specialises in helping fight against the increase in counterfeit goods and black markets.
Tony is now involved training Govt. departments, military organisations, law enforcement and commercial security departments around the world in advanced OSINT research.


"This course is a must for intelligence professionals and investigators I now have the skills and resources I need to offer this as a service" - RB investigator.
“Great OSINT Course this week run by @digitalvalour, engaging content, practical exercises and up to date content” - AC Cyber professional.
"I can’t underestimate how good this man is at teaching this subject” OL - UK British Investigator of the year (ABI 2019-20).

• Due to the nature of this workshop space are limited book early to avoid disappointment.
• The Digital Valour Ltd reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event.
• In the event Digital Valour Ltd or the ABI postpones or cancels this event, only the booking/ticket fee paid will be refunded.
• Should a delegate be unable to attend the ticket may be transferred on giving Digital Valour Ltd prior notice.