GDPR Compliance Documentation Workshop - Elstree

Date: Saturday 3rd November, 2018 - Venue: , WD6 3SY

General Data Protection Regulation

If you process any personal data, then you need to understand the implications of GDPR.

This might mean that you have a website, promote yourself through email marketing or that you employ staff.  The very business activity of a professional investigator inevitably involves processing personal data.

No matter what size your company is, you need to comply with this regulation.

There is no shortage of advice on GDPR some of it good, some not so good and some very confusing.  

GDPR will introduce new contractual and legislative responsibilities on ABI members when receiving clients’ instructions as Data Processor or even as joint Data Controller and stringent requirements apply when working inter-agency.

This ABI GDPR dedicated Workshop will cover the essential documentation and thought process necessary to remain compliant.

This 5-hour workshop [with 1-hour break] offers a small group of Members the opportunity to learn how to apply the new regulation with practical demonstration on delegates' own live cases, tackling the data protection impact assessment process and how to compose a GDPR compliant Proposal, whilst meeting the client's expectations.

The Workshop will discuss:

  • The ABI Members' suggested Data Protection Policy
  • Member's Data Audit
  • Members' Personal Data Audit Trail (Case Management)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment with talk through application on delegates' own live case
  • The case Proposal with development of sample Proposals based on delegates' own live case
  • Model Terms of Business (Member and Client) update and how to apply
  • Model Terms of Business (Member to Member) and how to apply
  • Security of Data in transit (encryption -v- password protected)
  • An introduction to Report Writing