An Introduction to investigating the Dark Web

Date: Monday 15th June, 2020 - Venue: ,

A 3-part Course introducing researches to the Dark Web.

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In this workshop the ABI Academy will cover:

Course is delivered across 3 mornings 15th, 17th, 19th June

The Dark Web - "Searching safely, efficiently and effectively!"

The Dark Web is notorious for being an illegal marketplace for the sale of counterfeit products, stolen goods, stolen data, fraud and for the hosting of media such as pornography, pirated music and movies, not forgetting the sale of stolen credit cards and personal data. Without the necessary skills, the dark web can be dangerous and pose high risks for those that visit it.

Course details:

An introductory practical online course aimed at developing delegates’ skills in understanding the deep web, dark web and hidden services, and how to safely & effectively search such media for information and intelligence for investigation purposes

Cost: £500 + VAT (for all 3 sessions) (Members please contact the Secretariat for 10% discount code)

The course is broken down into three morning sessions and topics will include:

Monday 15th June Session 1

· Explanation of terms – Understanding of what the Dark Web, Deep Web and Hidden Services are

· Types of access – ToR, i2P, IPFS & Freenet

· Safety & security - Safe Browsing, operational security & hardware and tools

· Browsers & addons

· Methods for recording & capturing data within an investigation

· Offline exercise

Wednesday 17th June Session 2

· De-brief offline exercise

· Understanding of virtual currencies

· Profiles and legend building - creating and maintaining accounts & "cover profiles" for investigations

· Opportunities to link the Dark Web to the Surface Web

· Silk Road case study

· Offline exercise

Friday 19th June Session 3

· De-brief offline exercise

· Browsing criminal marketplaces

· Understanding Forums – Roles of a Criminal Forum

· Browsing criminal forums

· Ethics, safety, privacy and operational issues which may arise when undertaking online investigations

· Course review

Class size: Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 25 delegates per course.

Requirements: To partake in the course, all delegates must already be able to use a computer and web browser. Having attended previous training around open source intelligence would also be advantageous, but not essential. Delegates are required to have use of a computer during the training and should have admin privileges to allow the installation of software. The course will be delivered live via Skype.

Objective: To gain an introduction to practical skills and knowledge to effectively carry out online investigations of the dark web in a safe and structured manner.

Pre-course preparation: Install Skype to your computer and create an account. Send account name to organiser.

Facilities: This course is delivered online.

Schedule: Each day runs from 9.00am until 12.30pm and is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  At the end of the first 2 sessions delegates will be given a practical task to be complete by the next session.

Trainer: Tony Martinez and David Benford

Tony Martinez - A former officer of the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, he was a member of a section recognised within law enforcement as a centre of excellence in this field of covert work, gaining a wealth of experience managing some of the most complex cybercrime investigations. Tony carries out open source and dark web investigations on behalf of some large and well known organisations, and within the many criminal forums that exist, helping protect them, their brands, trademarks, intellectual property and customers from the continued growth in cyber-enabled crimes. He specialises in helping fight against the increase in counterfeit goods and black markets.

Tony is now involved training Govt. departments, military organisations, law enforcement and commercial security departments around the world in advanced OSINT research.

David Benford MSc - who is an internationally renowned digital intelligence and forensics expert, specialising in criminal risks derived from social media and emerging technologies. As well as training military, law enforcement, government operatives and corporations in this field, David lectures in cybercrime and digital forensics at the University of Derby. He is an experienced digital forensic scientist, a published academic and recently has delivered specialist training to organisations such as the European Council, European Commission Security Directorate,multiple police agencies globally, as well as military, logistics industries, intelligence agencies and diplomats. He is a special officer for a UK law enforcement agency, as well as an associate with the Emergency Planning College which is part of the British Cabinet Office.