Zena Scott Archer - Investigator of the Year 2022

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Zena Scott Archer - Investigator of the Year 2022

WinnerJen Jarvie - F/2044


Submitted by Debbie Simpson; Peter Heron’s daughter.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jen Jarvie as a worthy nominee of the Zena Scott-Archer Award for her outstanding and relentless work in helping to bring this cold case investigation to its rightful conclusion.


On 3 August 1990, Ann had lunch with her husband Peter. he returned to his office at 2pm.
At 6pm that day, Peter arrived home to find Ann lying face down on their living room floor in a large pool of blood, she was dead. She had been brutally murdered in a frenzied knife attack. Her throat had been slashed repeatedly.
The police investigation
In the absence of CCTV, the investigation relied on local enquiries, forensic evidence and witness statements. Witnesses advised a blue car driven by a dark-haired suntanned man in his early 30’s was seen leaving the Heron home and driving erratically on the afternoon of the murder.
However, despite obtaining matching descriptions of the driver, a police photofit was never produced and neither the driver, nor the vehicle, were identified by the police.
In February 2006 (more than 15 years after the murder), and following the revelation that Peter had been having an affair in 1990 he was arrested, interviewed and charged with the murder. Peter always denied the offence.
However, before trial and on the advice of senior counsel, the case was dismissed. Non the less by now Peter’s previous good name and reputation had been destroyed.

Family Involvement

The family subsequently gained access to the prosecution bundle of evidence. They tried their best to investigate matters but needed professional support to discover the truth.


On 13 September 2016, Debbie Simpson was contacted in writing by Jen Jarvie. Debbie thoroughly investigated Jen’s background before responding and agreeing to meet in person.
She knew from personal experience the challenge that Jen was offering to take on but Jen’s offer of help was accepted and she was given access to the core prosecution bundle.
Jen advised before starting that if she found any evidence to prove Peter’s guilt, she would pass it to the police. This was accepted. She also made it clear that her approach to the family was based on justice not profit and the investigation was carried out without cost.
After reviewing the police’s own prosecution evidence, she conducted her own detailed investigation, and has discovered new key evidence and identified missed opportunities.
In 2018, she unearthed a credible suspect; a man unknown to the police at any time during the 30-year investigation. A violent, escaped convict, on the run from prison at the time of Ann’s murder; a man who not only matched the description of the driver seen fleeing the scene but who also had access to a blue car and had links to the local area. The suspect had an antecedent history that included robbery and attempted murder.
By coincidence the appeal for this man’s capture was actually featured on the BBC Crimewatch in November 1990. Ann’s murder was on the same programme a month earlier.
In time, Jen identified a witness who confirmed that the ‘murder suspect’ described above had confessed to them that he had killed Ann Heron. This witness also mentioned information only known to the inner circle of the investigation. For information, the murder suspect himself is now dead.
Through her investigation, Jen has also produced evidence to eliminate Peter and advises he couldn’t have committed the offence.

Nomination: Greg Gillespie - F/2059

Client testimonial – submitted by Raymond Mahan Former SIO for the Home Office

I would like to formally submit the actions of my colleague, ABI member Greg Gillespie, for your attention with regards to a large international investigation he commenced in 2019. His efforts have had ramifications around the world, on both a criminal and political level.

Greg has, single handily, run an international investigation into an EU based corporate entity which not only resulted in bringing various crimes into the public domain and to the attention of the authorities but also had a huge impact on an international political investigation into wide spread claims of corruption in Malta.
Had Greg not gone to the lengths he did, then not only would the perpetrators have continued with their fraudulent actions but key information and evidence, which has been pivotal to the official investigation, would never have come to light.
Greg’s efforts have resulted in two primary outcomes.
Firstly, he found evidence of a wide range of crimes committed across 35 countries including: - • Tax fraud • Pension fraud • Social security/NI fraud • Immigration fraud • Counterfeit and forgery and • Modern slavery
He was also able to identify the methods used by certain criminals to defraud national institutions and individuals.
Secondly, his efforts uncovered vital, previously unknown information in relation political impropriety conducted by senior figures who had formerly served in the Maltese government.
Greg’s work included identifying a formerly unknown perpetrator in the scandal who was the financial conduit for payments, a beneficiary and a person of significance to the overall case. This resulted in new information and evidence coming to the attention of the Maltese authorities and providing new lines of enquiry.
His work has been taken by the US Department of State, to assist with their own interest in the Maltese political corruption allegations.
In his effort to bring those responsible to justice, he approached various law enforcement agencies and took the time and effort to establish relationships with international journalists to garner their interest and support in publicising these matters.
In addition to the efforts mentioned above, Greg found and approached certain individuals who became witnesses and who were able to provide intelligence into both aspects of these investigations.
His efforts included protecting witnesses and in particular one individual who was subjected to specific intimidation and threats.


Earlier this month, Greg was flown into Malta by their authorities to testify about documents and data he compiled as part of his investigation.


Although the official investigation is still ongoing, had Greg not gone to the lengths he did and at his own financial cost and risk to his personal safety, there is no way any of the above would have been achieved. He brought vital information and evidence into the public domain and for the attention and use of the various authorities. He’s ensured that those responsible for the criminality and political corruption are investigated by the relevant authorities.

Nomination: Mike Lacorte - F/1582

Client testimonial

The client in this case nominated Mike LaCorte for Zena Scott-Archer Investigator of the Year Award.  He’s truly thankful that Mike was involved in these matters from an early stage and that the resources pulled together were well-coordinated and minimised his costs.  The investigation contributed to the success of locating his son and managing the defamation cases that followed. Mike was instrumental in managing these cases and demonstrated a high level of expertise in complex international investigations.

Detailed Overview

The client retained Conflict International (Mike is the companies CEO) from 2011 to 2017, for matters that included: a parental child abduction, a severe and relentless online campaign of defamation, impersonation and fraudulent use of fake emails that attempted to influence a civil hearing outcome.

Initial Contact

It was in 2011 when the client approached Mike. He was separated from his wife and going through the divorce process in the Dubai Courts. However, at this time his wife had disappeared with their one-year-old son.

The client instructed Mike to investigate an email supposedly sent by his nanny. It implied that the client was in a relationship with the nanny. The client needed to know where this email was sent from and by whom. Mike traced the IP address and location of where the email was sent from. It was discovered it was sent from Dubai, when his nanny was actually in The Philippines. It was apparent someone was impersonating his nanny and attempted to discredit the client in the eyes of the divorce Court.

Mike prepared a report outlining the location where the email had been sent from (a Dubai hotel). This data was cross referenced with an individual, who the client knew, who had stayed at the hotel at the relevant time. This evidence proved very helpful in the clients divorce case.

Child Abduction

The client then called on Mike to assist in tracing his son. The incident had also been reported to the Dubai police and Interpol.

One of several leads Mike discovered linked an individual in the U.K. to the abduction. This led to a full operation coordinated by Mike in both the U.A.E. and the U.K., with possible links to India and Oman. The investigation included discreet enquiries at various international addresses.

A further investigation had to be organized in the U.A.E. On this occasion, Mike and the client met with the Dubai CID and Interpol who were requesting additional information to assist in locating the child.

Mike and the team managed to identify several telephone numbers. and email addresses that the abductor used. These were passed to the Dubai Police and the Interpol office who were then able to find the client’s son.


Shortly after that event, in the winter of 2014, the client started being defamed publicly by the abductors in several newspapers.

His lawyer raised a defamation case against Huffington Post, The Independent, The Evening Standard and “The i”). During these cases, one of the client’s private and privileged emails was hacked and then used to send emails. Mike was able to prove this and put together a detailed report that was used in the High Court of Justice in London. The Judge ordered an injunction to be put on the Defendants. One Newspaper published an apology.

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