Zena Scott Archer - Investigator of the Year 2019

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Zena Scott Archer - Investigator of the Year 2019

Winner: Oliver Laurence - OV629

Nominated by Amarick Gill LLC :

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amarick Gill and I am a Barrister—At-

Law of the Middle Temple (UK and Wales) and am an Advocate and Solicitor of

Singapore. 1 am primarily a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore and have been now

for over 21 years. I specialise in many areas, but regular find myself dealing with

Capital Punishment Offences, offences which sadly still carry the death penalty.

I write to you to nominate one of your members for an award this year at your annual

association gathering.

From the research I have done it appears to be the Zena-Scott Archer Investigator of the

Year Award which would be most appropriate.

Allow me to elaborate. In March of 2018, my firm, Amarick Gill LLC, was briefed with

a capital matters. An Australian family made up of two daughters of the client (the

Accused) contacted me as their father had been arrested for bringing in approximately

87.00 grams of cocaine which was hidden in the lining of his suitcase. The drugs were

analysed and found to contain a purity level of 39.4 grams at a confidence level of

99,999 %. This was well over the capital threshold of 30 grams. If found guilty, my

client would be sentenced to death and duly executed and by way of hanging.

Afier I met with my client, I was quickly and extremely concerned about the level of

guilt that was being attributed to my client by the Prosecution even though my client

was adamant the drugs (although discovered on his person) were not his and had been

have been planted in his bag either by person(s) unknown to him or even worse by

person(s) known to him in Australia.

I immediately advised the daughters that this matter would need the assistance of a

Private Investigator in Australia who could assist with carrying out an investigation to

prove my client’s innocence. They agreed and subsequently hired the services of Oliver

Laurence from OJT Investigations Group, a member of your organisation, a former

police officer and government investigator of some thirteen years.

Oliver from the start of engagement immediately understood the gravity of this

investigation and also immediately appreciated the fact that failure for us was not an

option, as the consequences would be both dire and irreversible. Over the next twelve

months, I witnessed from Singapore one of the greatest investigations and gathering of

evidence to support the release of our client, the like I have never seen before.

Oliver, after an initial meeting with our client’s family raised a serious and quite

confronting concern with me and one that I did not disagree with and thought of myself

but I did not Want to sway his views or judgments. Oliver and his team collated vast

information and statements which were both factually accurate, supportive of our case

and covered the key elements of a conspiracy against our client. An extremely troubling

set of circumstances was revealed which shocked all on the defence team.

What made this matter even more sensitive in nature was the discovery that the

suspects believed to be involved in this matter were ultimately shown to have both

motive and opportunity to commit this offence against our client.

Oliver travelled all over Australia collating statements with his team and briefed me the

entire way throughout his investigation. He respected my position as lead counsel and

ran all his decision-making processes by me. Ever so often, one will find investigators

who behave irrationally without consultation and more often than not do more damage

than good. This was certainly not the case here. Oliver’s ability to manage such a large,

sensitive and protracted investigation was both impressive and remarkable which led to

our client being released without a trial on 22nd February 2019. He was granted a

discharge and is now back home. He had spent 353 days in prison.

Oliver had taken all measures to ensure a comprehensive police investigation with his

material which would lead to the detentions and arrests of the two persons known to our

client. A matter, which at the time of writing this, is with the NSW Police Force.

Upon being appraised of the imminent release of our client, Oliver then switched to

providing total safety and security for our client by boarding the first flight to

Singapore and escorting our client home after his release from custody back into the

arms of his daughters, free again and more importantly alive.

If there was ever an example of commitment, professionalism and dedication in finding

out the truth behind a matter, this is it in my mind. To solve any investigation is a real

credit to any investigator, to solve one where a person’s life has been saved is quite


I look forward to working with Oliver again in the future on other matters. He is a

credit and an asset to your profession and organisation.

I hope that your esteemed panel would give this case due consideration and consider

Oliver as a potential recipient for this esteemed award.


317 Outram Road, #01-36

Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075

Tel: (65) 6532 4737

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