Why Use The Association Of British Investigators?

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Why Use The Association Of British Investigators?

Why Use The Association Of British Investigators?

The Association of British Investigators is the UK’s leading organisation for all matters relating to investigation and legal support services. As corporate partners, the ABI is the only association of its type to have such a relationship with The Law Society. This article, explains the benefits of using the ABI’s members and services.

The ABI are the only association of its type to be recognised by The Law Society of England and Wales. They are also on the approved supplier scheme for The Law Society Scotland. This relationship reflects the standards and values of both organisations and also the quality of service provided by the ABI and its members.

Choosing investigation and legal services suppliers can be a daunting task, especially as this unique industry is not subjected to any licensing or government regulations. The lack of licensing presents numerous problems and risks for those looking to hire investigative personnel in this strange industry and has been an issue for many years. Despite the numerous efforts to bring the industry under some kind of government regulation and licensing, no such steps have ever been formally taken which leaves an industry which is open to abuse and misdirection by rogue traders.

This risk is one of the reasons why the partnership between The Law Society and the Association of British Investigators exists. Due to the ABI’s exacting standards and rigorous application process faced by prospective members, they represent not only the leading investigation agencies in the UK, but they ensure that these agencies also adhere to the stringent self- regulation policies of the association.

Therefore, the best solution for those looking to work with specialist investigation and legal support services (for example tracing agents and process servers), plus the wide range of skills the membership represents, is to use the Association of British Investigators.

Professional Excellence

Due to the lack of licensing and regulations, the investigation industry has very low barriers to entry. This is one of the main reasons as to why rogue agents with unscrupulous and unethical agendas have been known to operate in the industry.

The ABI has a rigorous application process where only those who meet the grade are eligible to join its ranks. This means that Law Society members, by hiring through the ABI membership, can be assured that they are using the leading and ethical operatives in the UK.

Protect Against Reputational Damage

With the increase in regulations and compliance it has never been more important to ensure that suppliers in the legal industry, are adhering to the necessary considerations and practices required by law. By hiring an ABI member, you can be assured that you are working with agencies who understand and abide by the most up to date practices.

To instruct an investigator in your local area, please visit the ABI’s website to see a list of members in your area: www.theabi.org.uk

Save Time

Whilst Law Society members can look to conduct their own due diligence, when considering legal services providers, this can be a very time consuming process with numerous obstacles to navigate.

Therefore by using the ABI, members can be certain that the necessary due diligence has already been conducted. All you have to do is visit the ABI website and select the geographical area of interest.


The Association of British Investigators is the leading association of its type in the UK. Its high standards and range of members offering a wide variety of skills make it the go to source for investigation and legal support services for members the The Law Society of England and Wales.

This article was written by Greg Gillespie who is a member of the ABI’s Governing Council and the Managing Director of Tacet Global. www.tacetglobal.com

Working with the Law Society

The ABI is the only association in this industry to be recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, and included in the Law Society of Scotland's approved Supplier Scheme.

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The ABI other partners also recognise the value of affiliation to the principal professional body in the investigation and litigation support sector:

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