Who Are Our Members?

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Who Are Our Members?

Who Are Our Members?

The Association of British Investigators is the only association of its type to be working with the Law Society. This unique relationship has come about due to the alignment of values and skills between the legal industry and investigation sector.

In this article we will be looking at who the members of the Association of British Investigators are and what value they bring to the legal industry.


Members of the ABI represent a wide range of skills and expertise which are utilised by legal firms around the country. Arguably the most common skills used in the legal sector are Process Serving and Tracing.

Process serving relates to the delivery of legal documents in a manner which has to be in accordance with the correct legal process. This process can be different for each particular type of document, but it is down to the professionalism and proficiency of the agent or organisation instructed to serve the documents, to ensure that it is done in accordance with the legal guidelines.

This means that no matter what type of specialist service you may require to support your legal needs, the ABI can offer the leading specialists of its type in the UK. To see the entire range of skills, covered by the Association Of British Investigators, please visit: https://www.theabi.org.uk/our-investigators-services

Business Types

The association also represents an array of business types and sizes. From local sole traders in specific geographical locations to large private companies who operate across the UK and overseas, the ABI has members of all sizes to cater for a range of circumstances.

This gives consumers the benefit of having a large selection of options when it comes to who they may want to instruct. Whether a small location agent is preferred or a national company with international capabilities is required, the ABI has plenty of options for consumers looking for professionals in the investigation industry.


As well as having members located across the UK, the Association of British Investigators also has a number of international members who are available for instruction. Such is the reputation of the organisation that it attracts members from overseas along with it having very close ties with the leading global association in the investigation industry, the World Association of Detectives.

Key Benefit

Aside from the values and quality of members the Association of British Investigators represent, the additional benefits for using their members could essentially be defined as: choice.

The choice as to the exact location, geographical coverage, business type and element of specialism are an added bonus to the quality of investigators the ABI represent.

Find Out More

If you’re looking to hire someone with the specialist skills offered by members of the ABI, why not contact the association to receive a referral from an investigator: https://www.theabi.org.uk/find-an-investigator

This blog was written by Greg Gillespie who is a member of the ABI’s Governing Council. He is also the Managing Director of Tacet Global: www.tacetglobal.com

Working with the Law Society

The ABI is the only association in this industry to be recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, and included in the Law Society of Scotland's approved Supplier Scheme.

The highest independent professional bodies for solicitors put their trust in us. We’re confident you can do the same.

The ABI other partners also recognise the value of affiliation to the principal professional body in the investigation and litigation support sector:

COURTSDESK SEARCHER is an on-demand search for court cases, or parties involved in court cases, in England and Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

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