What Services Do The ABI Offer?

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What Services Do The ABI Offer?

What Services Do The ABI Offer?

The Association of British Investigators are the UK’s thought leaders when it comes to the investigation industry. They represent the leading professionals in this, often misunderstood, sector across the UK. In this blog, we explore the variety of skills their members possess and how they can be of use to legal firms.

It is almost impossible to categorise the vast array of skills which are provided by members of the ABI. This is not only due to their large number of skills, but also because they can often operate in very niche and specialist areas categorised across various segments.

The ABI’s website lists these services across six different segments: General Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Litigation Support, Road Traffic Accident Investigations, Specialist and Forensic Services, Surveillance, Tracing and Status Reports, Undercover Investigations and finally, Vehicle Investigations.

Although there is a segment entitled Litigation Support, in fact all segments are often required for legal cases. What can make the names of these segments even more confusing for new customers, is that within each segment are a range of different services.

To see the vast range of services offered by members of the ABI, please visit the following link: https://www.theabi.org.uk/our-investigators-services

Each sub-segment will I’m sure at some point be the subject of a blog post to explain how that particular service works but this range of available skills is another benefit, in addition to those listed in previous posts as to why people choose to use the ABI.

Why Use The Association Of British Investigators?

Due Diligence: The process to be accepted as a member of the ABI is the most rigorous in the industry. This means that the highest level of due diligence has been undertaken, saving customers the time (and expertise) to have to perform it for themselves.

Regulation and Compliance: With the ever increasing requirement to abide by regulation and compliance, the ABI is at the forefront of all matters relating to the investigation industry ensuring that its members are always up to date with the latest practices and any changes to the industry which they need to be aware of.

Code of Ethics: Aside from the rigorous entry process, members are duty bound to adhere to the code of ethics and values of the association. This ensures that the behaviour of ABI members is of the highest possible exacting standards.

Accountability: Unlike other associations and operators in this field, ABI members are answerable to the association for their actions. This means that when customers instruct ABI members, they have someone to speak to in the event of there ever being any issues.

Locations: With members all over the UK, ABI customers will have access to the UK’s largest membership of investigation professionals. Such is the reputation of the association that it also boasts an international membership for overseas cases.

Business Types: ABI members range from large private companies to smaller entities and sole traders, giving those looking to instruct professional investigators the option to find the right type of agency to match their and their client’s requirements.

Wide Range of Skills: With such a vast and mixed array of skills provided by its members, the ABI membership will have the leading professional investigation services to help clients with their particular requirements.

One Source for Choice and Confidence

The ABI is the ultimate source for professional investigation services. By instructing its members, customers will not only have the choice of the largest membership in the UK of investigators to select from, but they will also have the confidence of knowing that they are working with bona fide professionals who meet the associations unparalleled standards.

Save Time - Reduce Risk - Hire The Best

To contact the Association of British Investigators and find out more about the services our members offer, please contact the secretariat on 0208 191 7500 or at secretariat@theabi.org.uk

This blog was written by Greg Gillespie who is a member of the ABI’s Governing Council. He is also the Managing Director of Tacet Global: www.tacetglobal.com

Working with the Law Society

The ABI is the only association in this industry to be recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, and included in the Law Society of Scotland's approved Supplier Scheme.

The highest independent professional bodies for solicitors put their trust in us. We’re confident you can do the same.

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