Understanding The Private Investigation Industry

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Understanding The Private Investigation Industry

Understanding The Private Investigation Industry

The UK’s private investigation industry can be a minefield for those who know little about how the industry works. If the prospective customer doesn’t know where to go to find the right kind of investigation services, it can leave them to unwittingly become involved with rogue traders and unethical practices.

This is why the relationship between the Law Society and the UK’s leading authority for investigation services, The Association of British Investigators, (The ABI) is so important. The ABI represents the leading exponents of the UK investigation industry, ensuring that its members meet the associations exacting standards and adhere to their policies and codes of ethics.

The main problem facing the private investigation industry is one of a lack of licensing and regulation. Although this topic has been explored in a previous blog post, it is important to emphasise that the risks facing those looking to instruct investigation services can be minimised, if not completely eradicated, by using ABI members.

The Association of British Investigators is the only association of its type to be working with The Law Society of England and Wales. To look to work with one of the ABI’s vast array of members with specialist legal support and investigation skills, visit their website to see their list of members. https://www.theabi.org.uk/find-an-investigator

The second issue facing the industry is one of a lack of understanding of the public and arguably, this is caused by the name of the industry itself. The term private investigator has connotations that don’t reflect the true nature of the industry. In reality the term private investigator covers a wide array of skill sets, with a large percentage of these being legal support services.

In particular the ABI, represents a wide range of legal support expertise in areas such as process serving, tracing agents and then other more unique areas such as investigators which can specialise in anything from surveillance, corporate intelligence to fraud investigations to name but a few.

In reality the private investigation industry and members who are represented by the Association of British Investigators, cover such a large expanse of skills beyond what would ordinarily be considered as being just investigation related.

Therefore the ABI is not only a source of specialist investigation expertise, but it is also, and perhaps more so, a source of individuals and companies who work primarily in legal support services.

With the ever changing world of governance and regulation, it is now even more important than before that legal firms and organisations who are looking to instruct agents and agencies to support them in their work, ensure that their contractors are qualified to do so. This level of due diligence can be time consuming, costly and a bit of a minefield and this is one of the reasons why The Law Society works with the Association of British Investigators. Therefore for any members looking to instruct third party contractors in the legal field, they can go straight to the ABI to find not just the best available agents, but those who are able to match and exceed the standards they require.

This blog was written by Greg Gillespie is a member of the ABI’s Governing Council. He is also the Managing Director of Tacet Global. www.tacetglobal.com

Working with the Law Society

The ABI is the only association in this industry to be recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, and included in the Law Society of Scotland's approved Supplier Scheme.

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The ABI other partners also recognise the value of affiliation to the principal professional body in the investigation and litigation support sector:

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