Self Employed ex husband declares 'no income' at court

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Self Employed ex husband declares 'no income' at court

Matrimonial investigations can be complex but should be all in a day’s work to an experienced private investigator. 

Where is my ex partner now? Who are they with? Why are they doing this to me?

The above are all questions people ask when relationships go wrong and money is at stake. Who do I turn to and how can I provide evidence in a court of law to back my claim?

A recent investigation undertaken by NTF Investigations involved a husband who had left his wife and 2 young children to set up home with another. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, and yes, relationships do go wrong sometimes. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and we are not here to judge. However, when relationships do breakdown, co operation and understanding are key to a fair settlement on both sides. Imagine then, turning up at court to finalise your settlement to find your ex, who you know has had an income in excess of £120,000 per annum for the past 15 years, stating that he has no current income and only £200 in his account. How do you prove he is lying? How do you present the evidence to allow your barrister to do his job?

Step forward NTF Investigations!

Initial consultation with the client and their legal representative was positive and they explained what it was they wished us to do – prove he was working and gaining an income whilst establishing any assets. No problem I hear you say. One issue – the husband was self employed and working in an agricultural area with open land all around...

Initial terms of reference – as should be standard with any investigation – were set out. This allows the investigator to stick to a plan, and the client to detail exactly what it is they want. Any deviation or new information as the investigation progresses allows these lines to be re drawn by both client and investigator, whilst also reminding them of what they had set out to do initially.

Working with the client and gaining valuable information surrounding the husbands working/life pattern allowed investigators to target dates and times which we felt the client would get the best chance of success from, whilst also managing their budget. This strategic approach allows information to be gained in days instead of months.

Utilising specialist imagery equipment and deploying specialist trained operatives (CROPS) in the area, we then waited, and watched. Over a period of 4 days we gathered evidence to show a thriving business which was 90% ‘cash payment’. Furthermore, assets in the shape of agricultural equipment and vehicles were ascertained to be owned by the husband. A bit of further investigation showed these assets to have been recently purchased, and the vehicles having been bought for cash via the advertised forum of Auto trader. It’s amazing what a seller will remember when questioned correctly about the buyer of their last car! Home CCTV footage only added to the evidence of the purchase.

A full file of evidence was then built, alongside aerial footage obtained from a drone (they do have their uses when used legally).

Disclosure was given by the husband prior to court. Still no income. Nothing in the bank. No assets.

The court date was set.

NTF’s Operational Manager attended court to provide support to the client and address any evidential issues should they arise. He wasn’t needed.

Prior to court opening, the legal representatives had a discussion. A rather exasperated ex husband appeared alongside his legal representative.

“We are happy to adhere to all of your demands” were the exact words used.
Investigation complete.

Any of the above sound familiar? Contact us at NTF Investigations. We may just be able to help.

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