Nominations open for ABI Awards 2024

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Nominations open for ABI Awards 2024

A.B.I. Awards 2024

All Award nominations to be received by the Awards Chairman no later than Sunday 17th March 2024. Email 

Introduction and Overview

Nominations for these Awards are open to Full, Life and Overseas Members and any such member can be nominated.

The nomination should contain an explanation of why the nominee is worthy of the Award.

Neither the Awards Chairman nor any member of the Awards Panel may nominate.

If a member of the Awards Panel is nominated in a category a substitute member will be co-opted to vote in his stead. However, the Awards Chairman cannot be nominated.

Please try to limit your nomination summaries to no more than 2 pages of A4 (Calibri 11 or similar font).

The categories are as follows:

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This prestigious Award was donated by the late Zena Scott-Archer and is presented to an A.B.I. member who has demonstrated outstanding professional investigative skills in carrying out a commendable investigation.
Please note a member may now nominate him or herself for this Award as long as the relevant criteria are satisfied, as follows:

A nomination for the Investigator of the Year should include details of the investigation and be supported by investigation specific material such as:

1. Testimonial(s) from a client.

2. Testimonial(s) from a third-party investigator(s) who has been involved in the nominated investigation.

3. Independent sources such as newspaper articles, Court records, police officers or other verifiable independent sources.

Nominations will not be accepted unless supported by at least one of the above and can be supported by all 3 categories, if available.

During the selection process the Awards panel will confirm that the investigation has sufficient gravitas to be considered worthy of this prestigious Award.

It's appreciated that in some cases the nomination may need to be sanitised.

A client wouldn't be contacted during the verification process without the nominee’s permission.This Award is dedicated to the memory of the late Frank Martin, who played a principal role in creating the ABI Benevolent Fund and left a lasting legacy through his dedication and generosity. The Award is presented to a member who is considered to have served the Association above and beyond the call of duty.

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This Award was originally presented to the A.B.I. in friendship by W.A.D. at our Centenary celebrations in April 2013 and is named after Richard Jacques-Turner to honour his commitment, over many years, to both the A.B.I. and to W.A.D. A replica trophy is presented to a deserving member, who has achieved a notable accolade within the Investigation, Security or Educational sectors. This accreditation isn’t expected to be presented on a yearly basis.

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This Award is named after the inspirational Peter Heims, who was noted for his straight talking and dedication to the Association for well over half a century. The membership are invited to nominate suitable candidates who have shown similar commitment within the Association or the wider investigation ‘family’ over many years. This esteemed Award isn’t expected to be presented on a yearly basis.

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Adjudication Procedure

In the Investigator of the Year category the Awards Chairman will make the nomination(s) anonymous with relevant names and locations redacted prior to the nomination(s) being forwarded to the Award Panel members.

All category nominations will be forwarded to a panel of 4 full members who are all experienced investigators and independent of each other. The nominations in each category will be scrutinise by the Awards Panel and they will advise the Chairman of their preferred entry and that the entry is worthy of the Award. If this process results in a tie the Chairman will make the casting vote.

The Award Panel members will remain anonymous throughout the process.

A.G.M. and Banquet protocols

In the Investigator of the Year category the 3 nominations with the most votes will be read out, in summarised format, at the AGM and the winning entry will be announced during the Banquet.

In the 3 other categories the recipient (if there is one) will be announced during the banquet.

Email, Closing date and Publication

Please forward all nominations and supporting documentation (for the Investigator of the Year Award) to

Please note, all Award nominations are to be received by the Awards Chairman no later than Sunday 19th March 2023.

All Awards will be presented at the associations A.G.M. banquet.

Details of the winning entries will be published to the A.B.I. website shortly after the presentations.

David Crawford M.A.B.I.
Awards Chairman 
Tel: 01325 353525
Mob: 07831 091474

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