Interview with Brad Fox of Fox Investigation Services Limited - Part 1

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Interview with Brad Fox of Fox Investigation Services Limited - Part 1

Interview with Brad Fox of Fox Investigation Services Limited

Brad Fox was winner of the highly prestigious Investigator of the Year award for 2020. Brad Fox of Fox Investigation Services Limited talks openly to Greg Gillespie about how he became involved in Private Investigation, what types of cases he usually handles and what he did to overcome fierce competition to win the ABI’s Investigator of the year award.

Greg: Let’s begin the interview by me asking you what your background is and how you first became involved in the industry?

Brad: I left college around the time of the 90’s recession and went to work for a couple of local firms of solicitors, where I found myself doing a lot of house repossession hearings at local county courts and similar tasks. I then moved on to an enforcement company based locally. The gentlemen who ran the company and his best friend were both ex-flying squad and had taken down various criminals before setting up their own enforcement company. It was this gentlemen, my boss, who very quickly suggested that I should work on the Private Investigation side of the business as he thought I was wasted on the enforcement section, which I did for a considerable amount of time before coming to the conclusion that I was more than able to go it alone and set up my own Private Investigation business.

Greg: What year did you set up Fox Investigation Services?

Brad: It was in 1997 that I set up Fox Investigation Services and it was in 2001 that Fox Investigation Services Limited was established.

Greg: How would you describe what Fox Investigation Services Limited do? What sort of business are you, what do you offer and who do you offer it to?

Brad: We offer a very broad range of services and areas. Primarily we focus on: tracing, surveillance and process serving. As a result of the work we carry out, we have criminal and civil solicitors that we work very closely with in order to achieve the best possible results.

Greg: Do you cater for private clients as well?

Brad: Although a large portion of the work we undertake is obtained through solicitors, we also carry out numerous tasks from private clients from all around the world. Obviously I am unable to divulge the specifics about who they are or what the jobs entail, but we have worked with some very high profile clients on some very interesting and complex cases.

Greg: Is that with matters relating to legal issues, or could that be anything else?

Brad: It can be regarding a number of issues really, legal or otherwise. We often have repeat clients who come back to us over the years with a matter which could be significantly different to the problem that they initially approached us with.

Greg: You won Investigator of the year award 2020. Would you mind explaining what the case was about?

Brad: I am able to disclose this information without mentioning any specific names as I have permission from those involved in this particular case.

We were contacted in the first instance by a client who was the father of a missing person. He literally called us and stated that, ‘I’m going to send you an email, my son is missing. Can you trace my son?’ So I replied and advised that standard electronic traces cost the agreed amount of money and that we could assist him with this enquiry. He then sent an email with some brief details, but I was unable to find any trace of his son. Other than the birth record, there was nothing that I found particularly unusual in this case. So, I went back to my client with this information and he replied: ‘Oh no, you won’t find any information because my son ran away aged 16.’ This obviously completely changed the type of case and how we would set about finding his missing son.

Over time we steadily obtained information from the father and we learnt how the missing boy had literally popped out to the shops aged 16 to buy a Mother’s Day card and never returned home. The fact that the Police had never managed to find him piqued my curiosity somewhat and I endeavoured to find him there and then. There had been another Private Investigation Company that had previously worked for the family, that had taken a considerable amount of money from them, but had been unable to show very little evidence of the work taking place and had certainly been unable to deliver the desired result of finding the missing boy.

The subject had been a 16 year old boy when he ran away, attended a well-known private school, which is the same school that a relative of mine attended and as a parent myself the story resonated with me and I felt compelled to find the boy in question. So, I approached the parents and asked if they would mind if I continued to work on this case in my spare time with no cost implications to themselves. They were both delighted with my proposal and readily agreed.

I didn’t anticipate spending as much time on this case as I did over the course of the next 18 months, but the less hope there became the more determined I became to find him. I was in contact with the parents most weeks with little snippets of information leading to various lines of inquiry, inevitably some of them leading to dead ends.
It wasn’t until much later on when we discovered that he had not been known to anybody official or otherwise until he was 18 and as a result of rigorous efforts to find him we made a major breakthrough…

In part 2 of the interview with Brad Fox, he continues to recount the extraordinary tale of how he was able to track down and locate the subject and despite a cruel twist he managed to reunite his clients with their long lost son.
Brad Fox runs Fox Investigation Services Ltd based in Kent. You can access his website by clicking on the link:

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