How To Instruct ABI Members

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How To Instruct ABI Members

How To Instruct ABI Members

The Association of British Investigators has a nationwide network of investigation professionals. This blog explains the ways ABI members can be instructed.

The starting point for hiring members of the ABI is to go to the association’s website which can be found at Here there are two different methods that can be used to contact and ultimately instruct members.

Firstly, by visiting the page entitled “Referral to an Investigator” you will see a webpage that has a series of forms to fill in. These forms give the potential customer the chance to explain more details about themselves, the case and what exactly they are looking for. Once the forms are submitted, they will go to the Secretariat of the association, Tony Imossi, who will then in turn send the details out to the membership for essentially what is a type of tendering process.

When a certain number of replies have been received from the membership, a list of the agencies who expressed an interest in the case are then passed on by the secretariat to the client. The client can then select which agency they would like to instruct.

To find out more about the various services provided by the Association of British Investigators, please email us at:

The second way to instruct a member of the ABI, is to visit the website and conduct a manual search through the online database of members. Prospective clients can search for agencies in particular geographical areas and even by name should they know the agency they wish to work with.

One factor to consider with this method is that quite often agencies are able to provide their services nationwide and therefore by focusing on one area in particular you may be limiting your options as to the number of agencies to choose from. However, the online database gives the potential customer a huge range of choices as to who to consider as potential agencies to work with.

For those new to the industry, the ABI can always help prospective customers in addressing any concerns or questions they may have prior to selecting and using investigation services. As an organisation they represent the leading professionals in the country and are the business leaders when it comes to all matters relating to the UK industry. The wide range of skills and services they represent can be seen by visiting

With roots dating as far back as 1913, the ABI has always been at the forefront of the UK investigation industry. From its founding by ex Scotland Yard detective Harry Smale to its current position as the only association of its type to be working with the Law Society.

By instructing ABI members in all matters relating to investigation and legal support services, clients can save time conducting their own due diligence in the knowledge that they are working with some of the leading professionals of their type in the UK.

This blog post was written by Greg Gillespie who is a member of the ABI’s Governing Council. He is also Managing Director of Tacet Global.

Working with the Law Society

The ABI is the only association in this industry to be recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, and included in the Law Society of Scotland's approved Supplier Scheme.

The highest independent professional bodies for solicitors put their trust in us. We’re confident you can do the same.

The ABI other partners also recognise the value of affiliation to the principal professional body in the investigation and litigation support sector:

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