Hero ABI Wiltshire member Tony Rosinger

| Author: Mark Peachman [Member (F/0723)] | Filed under: General News
Hero ABI Wiltshire member Tony Rosinger

Having finished my week on a Saturday morning with a couple of straightforward serves in the wilds of Wiltshire, I was driving towards Devizes to start the weekend with a lunch date with my wife. As I was driving down a short straight rural stretch towards a left hand bend, I saw a white Fiat 500 come around the bend in the opposite direction. Having negotiated the bend, instead of straightening up, the car seemed to continue turning, straightening up as it then drove towards a steep upward, sapling covered bank on my side of the road. Cliched, I know, but it all seemed to happen in slow motion and the Fiat didn’t seem to skid and wasn’t seemingly going too fast.

I had to carry out an emergency stop, necessary enough to send the content of my back seat under the 2 front seats! As I did so, the Fiat drove into the bank at an angle and started to climb it but gravity was always going to be the winner and the car then tipped onto the passenger door, sliding along the road towards me.

I quickly got out and ran? to the car. As I got there, the young female driver dropped out of her seatbelt and then stood on the front passenger window, bashing on the driver’s door above her head, in complete hysterics. The Fiat had a sun roof but during the brush with the bank, a number of branches had broken off and become wedged in the sun roof making passage through it impossible. I also noted and could smell a small amount of fuel on the road. I first tried to open the driver’s door above her but it was locked and at this point, another car came along. I asked the female passenger to call all 3 emergency services, which she then did. Walking to the back of the Fiat, I then had to get in through the back window, get hold of the still hysterical girl and guide her out of the smoking car to safety.

(Those of you that know me will I’m sure be thinking that the thought of me getting into the rear of a Fiat 500 when on all 4 wheels would be challenge enough!)

Once she was sitting down safely with my fleece around her shoulders, with I have to say very luckily not one single scratch on her, I organised for another driver to help me control the traffic around the Fiat. The emergency services arrived after some 10 minutes and took control and my having given the young lady my details in case she need a witness for the insurance, and with her family having arrived, I left the scene.

As a P.S. about a month after the event, I got a lovely and very unexpected card from the young lady.

Dear Tony, I am B, the girl you helped from the tipped Fiat 500. I wanted to write to you to say a massive thank you for all that you did that day. You really helped me to find calm and balance when everything felt dangerous and chaotic. I appreciate you and what you did to help me. Thank you Tony. I hope life is treating you well, you deserve it. B

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