FREE TRAINING & JOB OFFERS - Caution to would be Investigators

| Author: Eric Shelmerdine [Life Member (L/0815)] | Filed under: General News
FREE TRAINING & JOB OFFERS - Caution to would be Investigators

'Too Good to be True'

Several months ago we issued a word of caution to readers who may be considering a career in the PI industry. At the time two separately named companies were offering guaranteed investigation assignments and sizable remuneration providing the “student” made a substantial advance payment to cover a period of training resulting in what they described as “a recognised qualification”.

A copy of one of the “qualification certificates” which claims to be “in conjunction with current legislation” was sent to an official awarding body and their reply is below:
• This company is not a regulated awarding organisation
• It is not approved by the SIA for license to practice training
• There is no external approval of any sort on the certificate and none that I can see on the web-site

Both companies had no physical presence in the UK and operated out of “virtual offices” usually carrying prestigious City addresses.

The fact that the promised work did not materialise prompted numerous complaints to Trading Standards and the Police which appeared to slow down and even stop these companies open marketing.

In the past month or so a third company has emerged offering virtually the same promise of work, providing an advance payment is made. Again the City address they are using has no physical presence.
We have no information that shows these companies are connected in any way, however their Modus Operendi appears exactly the same.

So again we urge caution to anyone who may be tempted by promises which sound “too good to be true”.

Do your own investigation and look before you leap.  A lack of transparency and accreditation are good pointers.

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