Case Study - Child Protection

| Author: Victoria Aldworth [Member (F/1647)] | Filed under: Case Studies
Case Study - Child Protection

Our most recent case concerned a young girl aged 4 years, who was living with her mother and partner. The girl’s father was very concerned about the male partner, having been warned that he had reason for concern for this male being around his daughter. The case was assessed by Social Services and a Court Order was put in place stating the male was not to go within 100 metres of the girl or where she lived. The father was assured that his daughter would be safe.

After a few months the father noticed his daughter seemed very withdrawn and quiet. From speaking with his daughter he learned the male was visiting the house and she had even been left alone with him! Our client, the little girl's father, contacted the relevant authorities who interviewed the mother, but she denied all contact. However the daughter continued to report that the male was still visiting the residence. This is when the father contacted us. We placed a team of surveillance operatives around the property on an agreed date and waited.

After a few hours a man fitting the male’s description approached and entered the residence, using his own key. Our team managed to capture him on film entering the property.

The surveillance team remained on plot and after a few hours the subject left the residence. It was pitch dark and therefore obtaining good clear video footage was going to be a problem. We had to ensure we had sufficient and indisputable evidence for court that the male videoed was the subject. That is clear video from which the subject could be identified. One of our quick thinking investigators jumped out of his vehicle and approached the man as he walked down the path of the property and asked him a question which stopped him in his tracks.

Another one of our agents drove directly past our agent and the subject and secured a fantastic shot of him showing his face clearly and the property that he wasn't meant to be anywhere near in the background! This was very risky and not how we usually work. In this case we had no choice and as we had obtained the required proof, it was job done so we didn't mind that we had compromised ourselves. The child has since been removed and placed in a safe environment.

Article submitted by our Full Member (F/1647) Victoria Aldworth who operates Foxglove Surveillance. See her website: or email Victoria: 

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