Case Study – Beneficiary goes walk about “Down Under”

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Case Study – Beneficiary goes walk about “Down Under”

We were approached by our client, a northern based Pension Authority, who had lost contact with a pension scheme member. They required us to carry out a standard trace on the subject. We were given personal details such as name, date of birth and national insurance number but they had no previous address. Due to the client’s location in Yorkshire, we focused on any matches in the north of England.

The client also advised that there may possibly be alternative spellings of the subject’s name.


Once we obtained the subject’s Birth Certificate, we were able to find the correct spelling of the name as well as parents’ names and mother’s maiden name.

Using our specialist databases, we were then able to find full details of the subject’s parents’ marriage and from this we established the identity of the husband’s sister and her children. Once we had names of the children, our next step was to try and locate them. After some time, we did make contact successfully with one of them, who was able to provide us with details of the subject’s brother who was now living in Australia.

We contacted the brother by phone, confirming his identity as well as his sister’s name and date of birth. He said that he would get his sister to contact us. Due to the time difference, we then continued communication via email.

Eventually, the subject’s brother advised us that he had spoken with his sister who had said she was not interested in anything that the Pension Authority had to send to her. He therefore asked that all correspondence in relation to any pension should be sent care of him marked with his sister’s name. He also gave us an email address. He said that he could not understand his sister’s attitude and would look at any correspondence from us; he did not believe that his sister was in a position where she could afford to turn away any possible form of financial remuneration.


This case was made more difficult due to the decision of the subject not to communicate directly with us or the Pension Authority. However, our patience and sympathetic attitude allowed us to set up communication via her brother. We gave them his name, address, email details and telephone number, advising that they should continue correspondence with him, marked with his sister’s name. Our client therefore received a good result as they were eventually able to make contact with the missing pension scheme member via this close family member.

Article submitted by Full Member (F/1384) Mark Hodgson who operates Tremark Associates Limited. See website for further info: or email: 

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