Brad Fox Part 5

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Brad Fox Part 5

Brad Fox Part 5

Greg Gillespie evaluates the story behind Brad Fox of Fox Investigation Services winning the ABI’s prestigious Investigator of the Year award for 2020.

It’s a really impressive story on so many levels and although it’s clear to appreciate why this case resulted in the awarding of the ABI Investigator of the Year award for 2020 there are many different aspects to the story that really stood out for further consideration.

Previous Agency

It was clearly a source of frustration and annoyance for Brad as he mentioned numerous times during our interview and he highlights a really good point. The consideration is to the values, ethics and quality of the agency the family initially instructed.

No one would suggest that private investigation agencies are charities. We are profit making organisations but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about the work we do or even make decisions to get involved in a case with no likelihood of any financial gain.

Taking the financial aspect out of the equation, there is a clear discrepancy between the strategy, effort and ultimately the care shown by Brad in comparison to the previous agency. When the financial aspect is taken into consideration being that the previous agency commanded fees of thousands of pounds and had little or no traction let alone results it undoubtedly shines an even more impressive light onto Brad’s efforts. The case for him ultimately cost a substantial amount of money in order to achieve the desired outcome. The lesson here is the difference between agencies regarding ethics, effort and common decency.


The ongoing lack of understanding and application of common sense with regards to GDPR is also evident in this case. The importance of how data is stored and handled will not be lost to any ABI members, but the blatant lack of understanding and denial of methods which would not compromise GDPR but help increase the chance of a positive outcome is obvious.

It is fair to say that with an ongoing lack of understanding alongside an absence of commonsense, efforts to find the target could have been made by the third parties Brad approached in order to solve a family’s heartache and take a vulnerable person out of an unsafe environment.

The Investigation Itself

I’m sure this would be obvious to the reader but the personal lengths and as already mentioned in this article at his own financial expense, taken by Brad, are a credit to his investigation skills, tenacity and moral considerations.

By looking at the given circumstances and having a clear strategy in order to achieve the overall outcomes of the case, Brad’s ongoing and unwavering effort resulted in a long but equally rewarding outcome to the case. It is just a shame that the efforts made to increase the speed at which the outcome came was blocked by red tape, unnecessary protocol and a clear lack of empathy by the other third parties who Brad approached for help.

Moral Considerations

The last point which I think is worth mentioning is the aftermath of the case from a moral point of view. The case’s objectives, approach and execution was clearly based on legitimate interest, good faith and the basic human condition of Brad trying to right a wrong and do the correct thing. Although the case’s objectives were achieved, the next chapter in the story brought further difficult considerations.

The locating of Paul and reunion between him and his family was clearly an amazing moment, but the difficulties of someone who has lived on the streets, experienced various substance abuse issues caused new and ongoing pains for Paul’s family.

Whilst this is the better of two evils, either locate the missing person and face the consequences or don’t locate him and forever wonder what happened for the rest of time, it is always worth noting that we don’t all live happily ever after and that many other and new challenges face us beyond what appears to be an apparent resolution.


The story of how Paul was located and reunited with his family is a credit to Fox Investigations Services. If only all cases ended with the result we all wanted at the outset but in this instance it actually happened. It happened due to his persistence and difficult investigation work carried out in his own time and funded from his own pocket. This put to shame the previous agencies who cared far more about lining their own pockets and clearly didn’t have the same level of morals or even capabilities shown by Brad and his team at Fox Investigation Services.

From everyone at the ABI, congratulations on your deserved achievement of winning Investigator of the Year award 2020.

Brad Fox runs Fox Investigation Services Ltd based in Kent. You can access his website by clicking on the link:

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