Bereaved mum enlists help of ABI member in fight for justice after son was killed

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Bereaved mum enlists help of ABI member in fight for justice after son was killed

Helen Stockford claims an investigation into her son Kyle's death was not handled properly.

A bereaved mum who claims her son's death was not handled properly has hired a private death investigator in her fight for justice.

Helen Stockford,49, (pictured above) whose son Kyle was killed when he was run over by his own car, believes vital aspects of the case were disregarded by the police and CPS, including a box of unused evidence.

Kyle's friend, Shakrul Islam, was found guilty of manslaughter after running him over in what was alleged to have been a botched fuel theft at a garage in January 2017.

When jailing Islam for seven years, The Recorder of Bristol His Honour Judge Peter Blair QC told him: "You have been a friend of Kyle for a few months.

"Plainly you have no intention to kill him. Had you done so you would have been convicted of murder."

Private eye Jen Jarvie, a member of the Association of British investigators and programme lead for undergraduate prospective police officers, has now agreed to examine the case into Kyle’s death.

She and Helen have met and she has the relevant documents relating to Kyle's case.

Helen said: "I met with her and she agrees the case has been handled badly.

"She is fully prepared to support me in getting proper justice through the system.

"Its going to be a long road."

Mrs Jarvie said: "I am offering my services for free for Helen because there are many areas of discrepancy, procedural weakness and accountability where answers are needed.

"The Stockfords have dedicated the time since Kyle’s tragic death into finding out the truth, not settling for a guilty manslaughter verdict.

"They want the truth and the whole truth.

"I can’t blame them for that.

"In the criminal justice system they have provided a conviction for Kyle but this is not the bigger picture.

"Justice should be whole and not be segmented to what best fits and there are definite questions to be answered in his case.

"As British citizens we pride ourselves in our justice system and in the case of Kyle it has let us down.

"My role will be to support Helen achieve justice in every aspect of the case."

One aspect under Ms Jarvie's spotlight is a ‘weapon’ - a tin of soup - in the hand of the garage worker.

There were two independent witnesses to this.

Following a tussle between Kyle and the worker on the garage forecourt, the can of soup was dented and pushed in when the garage worker walked back to the store.

Kyle had three curved lacerations to his head.

But the can of soup was relegated to the box of unused evidence by the CPS.

Helen says she only found out about the can when she put in her complaint with Richard Budd police standards and the IOPC.

At his trial, Islam said the garage worker appeared to hit Kyle with "some kind of metal object".

For Kyle’s mother Helen, Islam’s conviction was not something to celebrate - it was something to fight.

She maintains her son was not attempting to steal fuel on the night of his death, and that key evidence was missed during the police investigation - something Avon and Somerset Constabulary has denied.

Helen submitted a formal complaint to Avon and Somerset Constabulary about the investigation into her son's death.

An investigation report by Avon and Somerset Constabulary then found there was "no case to answer for misconduct" in respect of (all four of) her allegations.

Helen appealed and the matter was referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Helen's appeal to the IOPC was not upheld.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary has denied Helen's claims they missed key evidence.

Source:  Bristol Live

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