ABI Awards Process – Part 2

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ABI Awards Process – Part 2

ABI Awards Process – Part 2

In part 2 of this blog, Awards Chairman discusses how he first got involved in the ABI and why he chose to join the association.

Greg: What about the ABI? When did you first get involved with the association?

Dave: I became a member of the ABI in 1995. I thought it was worthwhile joining as the ABI was the premier Investigators association, so I thought it wouldn’t do myself any harm to become a member.

Greg: Tell me about how you got the role of Awards Chairman and what that entails?

Dave: I was actually a nominee for Investigator of The Year in 2016. A client of mine put a nomination in for me because we were involved in a major fraud investigation. It was a big task and because of everything that went on with this case, they ended up nominating me for the Investigator of the year. That process gave me an insight into how it worked and I was approached by the GC to act as the Awards Chairman in about September or October 2016.

When I took over the role of Awards Chairman, I wanted to reform the way the awards process was done. Back in the day the process did n’t have any real structure, formality or even a good enough verification process. It was something I wanted to tackle and give the process some structure.

Greg: So what changes did you make and how do you go about validating the process? How do you go about making a judgment on who wins?

Dave: There have been numerous changes to the process since I got involved in 2016. The criteria has been developed over time, with many small changes here and there rather than a complete overhaul from day one. I did this to try and get it right over time and I think we're more or less there now.
The process starts with me sending out an email to the membership in or around mid-November. This email contains all of the different criteria for each of the four awards. There’s a stipulation that if someone nominates themselves, they have to provide independent evidence to verify their nomination. This is a necessary stipulation to ensure that anyone nominating themselves can back up the claim they are making to ensure the standard, reputation and integrity of the awards is maintained.

The link to see this criteria can be found at: https://www.theabi.org.uk/news/nominations-sought-for-abi-2021-awards

Greg: From all of the applications you’ve seen for the Investigator of the Year award, over the last few years, are there any cases which really stood out regardless of whether they won or not?

Dave: There have been so many worthy investigations nominated that it’s hard to single any one or small number of investigations out. A lot of people are aware of the recent winners probably most notably when Oliver Lawrence of OJT Investigations won due to running a case which ultimately saved someone’s life. Cases of that level and importance are very rare in the private sector. What I would say is that I’ve received some fantastic nominations in the past few years and I think giving the Awards process a stiffer structure has attracted some a higher quality of entries.

This interview was conducted with Dave Crawford. To find out more about Crawford Investigations please visit the website for more information: www.crawfordinvestigations.co.uk

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