ABI Awards Process – Part 3

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 ABI Awards Process – Part 3

ABI Awards Process – Part 3

In part 3 of the interview with the ABI’s Awards Chairman, Dave Crawford, he explains the steps he personally created to ensure the highest levels of integrity are used throughout all stages of the process.

Greg: You mentioned the awards panel earlier in the interview. Who is on the panel and how does it work?

Dave: I've got 4 members who are part of the awards panel. They are all independent of each other and they're all experienced investigators from across the UK. I will forward each of the nominations in each category to each member of the panel. This happens after the closing of the application process. In the case of the Investigator of the Year nominations I make sure that they are all made anonymous and sanitized to ensure that they are viewed as independently as possible. Over time I’ve found it’s impossible to anonymise the other categories so I only remove the details of the nominator prior to sending them out to the panel.

I’m the only one who knows who the adjudicators are. I even send out the emails to the panel through a dedicated email on my own ISP provider network. I do this to ensure the process is beyond reproach.
The 4 members who are on the panel don’t know who else is on the panel. I’m the only person who knows. I did this to ensure that the integrity of the awards was as high as possible at all stages.

Greg: So if there are four members on the panel, what happens if there’s a split decision?

Dave: My role as Awards Chairman is really about being a facilitator. The decision is usually made by the panel members. It would only be when a draw occurs, that I’ll cast the deciding vote, but this will only happen should the panel be split on who should win. Other than that, I’m not involved in who wins as my role is to ensure the integrity of the process.

Greg: How does someone get on the panel?

Dave: I make a phone call and say, are you prepared to keep this a secret because nobody can know that you’re on the panel? The guys who I have approached are all mature, sensible, experienced investigators. The panel has been in place for a few years now and the process is working well.

There are four awards which are given at the AGM. These are:

·Frank Martin Award
·Zena Scot-Archer Award for Investigator Of The Year
·Richard Jacques-Turner Award For Excellence
·Peter Heims Lifetime Achievement Award

You can view the previous winners for each of these awards by clicking on the links below:


The winners of this year’s awards will be announced at the AGM which will be taking place online on Saturday May 22nd 2021 at 11.00am. To find out more details about the AGM and to book your place, please visit the link below:

This interview was conducted with Dave Crawford. To find out more about Crawford Investigations please visit the website for more information: www.crawfordinvestigations.co.uk

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