Members Marketing Support

As part of our commitment to providing members with useful resources to add value to their business, we have produced some materials to assist in your marketing of the ‘Lawyers Registration Scheme’ to your customer base. Encouraging firms to sign up to the Lawyers Registration Scheme is to the benefit of all members, as signing up to the scheme means solicitors are making a commitment to use ABI members for their future instructions. It is also a good way to show how your business stands apart from the non-ABI competition in your area.

The Lawyers Registration Scheme is a key part of our Law Society Marketing Package, and we are keen for you to actively promote it for the benefit of both you and the Association

A5 Leaflet

The leaflet has been produced in two formats, and you can print and provide these to your clients when returning instructions to them. One is a generic leaflet, and the other has the option to include your specific membership details on the leaflet, which is useful for your own marketing purposes. Should you require the personalised leaflet, please email confirming your member details, and this will be produced and emailed to you for your ongoing use.

The leaflet is available as both a PDF file (which can be printed in various size formats based on your printer settings), and also as an image file incase you want to use this as a letterhead footer etc.

A5 PDF Brochure

Email footers

We have also designed an email banner, which can be used on your email footers, to compliment your usual company information. The banner has currently been produced in 4 different colours, to compliment individual branding colours. If you require another colour, please email and this will be added to those available

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Articles promoting ABI membership for members use.


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