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Finders Genealogists Ltd (LAPSED F2213 2024-06-14)

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Name: Finders International
Landline: 0207 490 4935
Mobile: 07950899252
Join date: March 2022
Membership number: LAPSED F2213 2024-06-14


6-8 Vestry Street
South east
United Kingdom
N1 7RE
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Services offered:

  • Genealogy
Finders International was established in 1997 by Managing Director Danny Curran and we are now one of the world’s largest firms in our field. We trace missing heirs and beneficiaries to Estates, property, funds and assets worldwide, and have a team of over 150, with a global network We work with numerous legal professionals, Solicitors, Corporate or State Trustees and financial institutions. In the public sector we assist local authorities, coroners and hospitals with tracing next of kin. Our services include: • Tracing missing beneficiaries to estates, property and assets • Locating next of kin to a deceased person • Locating missing executors • Locating missing legatees and residuary beneficiaries • Finding heirs to unclaimed or dormant funds • Probate Property sales, insurance and property management services • Searching for missing Wills and assets • Overseas Bankruptcy Searches • Repatriation of funds from abroad including obtaining Medallion Signature Guarantees, closing overseas bank accounts, selling and transferring US shares, and obtaining foreign grants of probate To see a full range of our services, please click here. We are also a founding member of IAPPR, the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters which aims to provide a single, authoritative voice for global probate research industry professionals and has an impressive list of international member companies. See . For 4 years running, we have been awarded ‘Best UK Probate Research Firm’ for 2019 -2022 at the UK Probate Research awards and have been awarded the same award at the British Wills and Probate Awards 2020. Our Managing Director, Daniel Curran, is known as the industry spokesman with over 240 media contributions. From Forbes Magazine, The Times, The Guardian, ThisIsMoney, RealBusiness and all the UK nationals, to appearances on ITV’s This Morning and numerous Radio interviews, positively promoting the probate research profession. We complete hundreds of pro-bono cases every year, helping with stories of reunions of family separated by war or forced adoption and reuniting people with family heirlooms such as their ancestors lost war medals or long-lost books.