Egress Encrypted Email Discount for ABI Members

With GDPR upon us some Members will be considering the use of encrypted email, to protect personal data when sending reports and instructions.

There are various solution providers in the market. Many will have already heard of 'Egress'. (

The ABI have negotiated a huge 25% discount with Egress for our members. This offer originally limited has been extended. Members only click here for discount code.

Switch Secure Email and File Transfer provides a way for you to send your emails and attachments securely. Egress Switch fully integrates with the Outlook Desktop Client, meaning you can send secure emails from within Outlook itself.

Please see below a recorded demo of the Egress Switch Outlook Plug-in. In addition, I have attached guides explaining how to download and use the Outlook Plug-in.

For those of you using Outlook via the web or Gmail, you will need to use the Egress Web Access to send your encrypted emails. This means that each time you would like to send an email encrypted, you would compose/send it from within the Egress Switch Web Access, as opposed to from within Outlook via the web/Gmail. Everything sent from within the Web Access will be sent securely.

I have attached guides explaining how to compose and open messages from within the Egress Switch Web Access.

Egress Switch and EU GDPR Compliance Datasheet.

Egress Switch - Sending a secure email within Outlook.

Egress Switch - How to buy online email.

Downloading the Egress Switch Desktop Client and Outlook Plug-in.

How to open an encrypted email through Egress Switch Web Access.

How to send encrypted emails through Egress Switch Web Access.

Pricing (with no discount)

1-4 users = £80/user/year
5-9 users = £60/user/year
10 users = £500/year
25 users = £1100/year

If you purchase licences, then it will give these users the ability to send an unlimited number of secure emails throughout the year. In addition, you can send files of unlimited size and all of your recipients can reply to you securely for free.