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Theresa May (Home Secretary) announced in July 2013 that licensing of individual investigators will be in place sometime between autumn of this year (2014) and April 2015.  Bill Butler (Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority) at the Association of British Investigators Seminar at Gaydon, Warwickshire, in September 2013, spoke about the, “Competency”, requirement for S.I.A Private Investigator Licences and reiterated that: “The expectation is that the current IQ and Pearson qualifications will be recognised within the regulatory requirements" 


The Association of British Investigators remains at the forefront of professional investigator excellence in the private sector and have fully contributed to the creation, content and scope of the afore-mentioned qualifications.


Although the legislation that will require private investigators to attain their S.I.A. Licence is not, as yet, in place, many A.B.I. members have in any case, been completing the exam. 


To ensure that members and non-members are provided with the opportunity to attain their qualification the Association of British Investigators Training Academy will offer the following course:


IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF)


The training will involve distance learning (with telephone or internet access to a tutor if required) and a day’s revision at a training centre before attempting the two examination papers (Unit 1: Principles of planning and reporting investigations and Unit 2: Principles of gathering and using information for investigations).


The A.B.I Academy trainers will run the on line mock exams, revision days and exams throughout the UK at regular convenient intervals.


S.A.F.E (The Security and Facilities Education Limited) have been appointed to operate a, “Hub”, whereby learners can be matched to trainers and examination dates and places. Learners can contact the Academy Hub at the following number where you can enrol and pay for your course you can also speak to any of the  Academy Providers for advice however enrolment and payments will be handled by the ABI Academy Hub.



Telephone: 01952 699039.

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You should realise that if you are new to the industry then the Level Three Awards will inform you about the law, probity, standards and core investigator competency, but, it won’t in essence teach you much about the application of the skills. There are other courses available at a higher standard which will teach the novice investigator the skills and knowledge required to perform the tasks associated with the professional private investigator sector, there are several of these about, so research is advised.


For Details of A.B.I ACADEMY training providers please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





IQ Level 3 Professional Investigator Award

There are three routes to achieving the award.


Route What are your circumstances Training Fee IQ Certification Fee Cost  Inc VAT
1 I am already an ABI member.  £195 £45.50 £240.50 £288.60
2 I am an experienced investigator, but not a member of the ABI at the moment. £250 £45.50 £295.50 £354.60
3 I'm not a member of the ABI and I'm not an experienced investigator

You need to follow a more intense 5 day study course.


Nil £1000 £1200



 Discounts for group bookings



Number of students

% Discount

1 to 4


5 to 9


10 to 14


15 to 19


20 to +





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